Wolf Pack’s Creativity Comes Out


Serenity Meija

Art student Ruby Ramirez digital art

Shaila Rubio, Staff Writer

Ridgeview High School had a virtual art display that was put on by Robyn .Dyer. The gallery was posted on YouTube which shows the students’ anime next to their art pieces. 

Leia Kopp and Satbir Randhawa explain art from their point of view and explain their art pieces. Dyer also explains why she chose the project and what art is to her.

Leia Kopp is a senior at Ridgeview high school and her art was shown at the gallery. The title of her art is called “Watercolor: Pit Stops and Roadmaps Snake: Scratches and Scales”. She says the story behind the art is based “watercolors represents a stage in my life and the beach signifying that sometimes life calls for a pause. It’s a portrait of the hotel I stayed at with my grandmother before she passed away. Snakes represents how even feared things can be made beautiful through art. ”When asked what gave her this idea she replied with ,“just wanted to make a living and be happy doing it. ”Kopp says that “art is something I’ve always messed around with and have been taking it more seriously over the past five years”. She says that art has made an impact on her life and also gives her a way to express how she feels and create something new.” She continues  by saying “I’m very passionate about art and I really want to make myself better as an artist in every way I can .” Kopp says that her connection with art is “by allowing my feelings to declare what I see and how I intercept it other then.” She also explains that art is important because “I think it is because it’s something that doesn’t have a language barrier and it’s something that can bring everyone together . She describes art as “diverse”. She says that she does recommend this class to other students because  “it’s absolutely fun and you get to explore things you wouldn’t be able to in other courses.”

            Stabir Randhawa is a freshman at Ridgeview High school. This is her first year in art and she says she’s very excited for it .Her art was also in the gallery , she says her piece doesn’t  have a title. She says that the project to her represented her feelings and emotions towards everything. She also says, “art is important because you can relate to it and you can also resign to it when you’re in a mood. She believes that with art you can do a lot with it because you can express a gesture, an emotion, a feeling or anything really. “She says that art has really helped her with her emotions. She believes that art is something that can help u get your mind off of things, “your feeling stressed grab a piece of paper and doodle”. She describes art as “creative”. Her connection with art is that when she’s stressed or sad or just emotional she’ll draw and it will make her happy. “It’s just a hobby I’ve had for a long time”.

Overall Kopp and Randhawa like art as a way to express and release emotion. They explain how it helps them and how it can help others as well. They explain their relationship with art and how art is important in their lives .