Acing Their Way to Victory

Gabriel Borja, Staff Writer

Boy’s Golf at Ridgeview High School is not the most popular sport here, but coach Lemster and his talented golfers are ready to make a bigger name for the boy’s golf team at Ridgeview high school.

There are two golfers in particular that stand out this season to coach Lemster. Simon Flores and Manuel Espejo are both student-athletes at Ridgeview. Simon Flores, Freshman, and Manuel Espejo, Junior are both talented golfers on the varsity team for boys golf. 

According to coach Lemster, he states, “Flores is a very talented Freshman on my team with very sweet and smooth swing”. Lemster has high hopes for Flores because he is just a freshman on the varsity team and he sees and lots of potential and room to grow for him. “It’s pretty rare to get a student-athlete on the varsity team as a freshman in golf… Simon is a great kid and an even greater golfer… I see a lot of talent and potential in that kid in the future…”, states Lemster. As for Flores, he sees more in the future for himself as well. After High school, Flores plans to attend a nice college or University with a great golfing program. When asked about Flores’s future in golf, Flores stated “Yeah I would like to go to a nice school with a nice golfing program… Hopefully I can be looked at one of the schools I choose to go to and one day become a pro…” 

Flores and Espejo are both golfers with years of experience who both share their own treasured memories while playing the sport. For Flores, he states, “My favorite memories while playing golf is just the places I have traveled to and the friends and relationships I have created along the way”. Espejo also relates to what Flores stated. Espejo states “One of my favorite memories and parts about like playing golf is just making all of my friends through golf… Yeah I’ve made a bunch of friendships while playing…”

Although golfing for the two student-athletes is a fun yet competitive sport the two, they both share their struggles and challenges they face while golfing. Flores thinks that golf is a very mentally challenging sport stating, ¨Yeah you know golf can be very challenging at times… when you don’t get a good swing so you pull the ball or slice the ball it can be very challenging to stay calm and don’t let things like that get in your head…¨. For Espejo, he also faces challenges relating to Flores stating ¨People think golf is boring and really easy but man golf is very challenging… its really easy to get in your head and to mess up your like flow of the game…”

For Coach Lemster, Flores, and Espejo, they all have one thing in common… that is to bring a Valley or State Championship back to Ridgeview. When asked about winning a championship, they all how they would of course want to win a championship and how it would mean a lot to them and for our school

Although golf can be a challenging sport, Lemster encourages all students interested in golf to at least try the sport out. Lemster states “You don’t even need to bring your own clubs because the school provides some for us…yes, the sport can be challenging, but its a very rewarding sport and you can continue to play golf after high school and go to a nice college with a good golfing program…”