Senior Follies Shows Off Seniors

Juan Sarmiento, Editor in Chief

Every year a show filled with controlled chaos rolls in for all seniors to join the Senior Follies. It returns once again in all its glory and randomness to jump right into. As always, there is a central theme to the event, with this year’s being Viewtube, a parody of Youtube featuring random video skits. With some surprises and the usual “anything goes” of the show, let us roll right into the groundwork.
The format of this year’s show will be quite similar to last year’s. Every student can put their own spin on the theme and “Viewtube” will have endless possibilities due to the randomness of the internet. To compare and contrast last year’s follies, former senior in Senior Follies, Mariah Sarmiento, commented, “They were fun; I have never done anything with drama or performing.” When asked about this year’s theme she added, “It’s very creative compared to last year’s theme, Wolf’N Out.” There will be several cameos ranging from previous students, teachers, and, of course teacher Stephan Kiouses. As most productions the Senior Follies gets better with more collaboration. This year’s program is being produced by Drama Production, Tech, and the Senior class.
Jose Valadez stated the price is one dollar (prices subject to change, which is a nice way of saying it probably will) and takes place on May 24. Expect special skits in between you may be pleasantly surprised to see. But, that’s not all. As current Senior Alondra Roman gave us her view, “We can get a different perspective on senior life and have all sorts of fun.” She also mentioned about the skit she had planned, explaining, “I talked to some friends and we thought it would be very funny to make fun of the bells, at first they were annoying, but now they’re funny, at the end of the day they sound like prison ones.” Not to mention Valadez himself is coming on board with his own wacky and unforgettable skits that are sure to make you laugh or awkwardly smile. When we asked Valadez what is most important about this year’s Follies, he replied, “We need every senior to participate, especially those who haven’t been in any performances. We are really pushing that.” As Valadez said, “we need all hands on deck to make this an another spectacular year for Senior Follies.”