Girls Golf

Jermaine Terrell, Staff Writer

It’s only the beginning of the year and there is still much to be played, but with the season, in effect Ridgeview’s girls golf team is one that wants to be on top.

Golf is a club-and-ball sport in which players use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a course, in as few strokes as possible. Many people play golf for their enjoyment and others play it for competition. For golf you compete against four other teams. Every tournament it’s the same teams. Their goal as a team right now is to beat Tehachapi High School and push to first par. At Ridgeview High School we have many students who are on the golf team and amongst these students is number two golfer Kristen Everett.

Kristin Everett, expresses how she has always enjoyed golf and that last year’s season was so great, she decided to go out once again. She has been playing golf for three-years and by the end of this season she hopes to score in the 40’s or 50’s. She explained how compared to last season she knew that she, “could accomplish a better score, as well as improve” on her swings. Her main focus for improvements this year is lowering her score and just hoping to compete as best as she can.

Although with winning their may come many achievements.  How do players cope with a loss and what motivates them to keep playing? Everett stated that, “To cope with a loss you have to focus on the positives and what could be improved. It’s important to never get down on yourself.” She also expressed that her coach and her drive for success is what helps her to be a better player.

Anjleen Grewal, is another student on the golf team, and she has been playing since she was a freshman. She wishes to get a score of 50, but as of right now she is in the 40s. She practices with her dad and her team. After a loss, she gets down for a day, and then she motivates herself, “by thinking about how to get better.”  She wishes to get better and stay number one.

Chris Davis has been coaching the girls golf team for about three-years. For this season,  he is looking forward to seeing growth and development amongst his players. He stated, that from last year’s season some improvements that have been made are, “The girls have gained more experience and gained some improvement.” As a coach he copes with loses by remembering that golf is a marathon and not a sprint. He states that he, “Looks at the small victories.” His goal is to keep getting smaller victories which will lead to bigger victories with opponents.

Although golf may seem to be an easy sport to some, a lot of time is put into it and the team is hoping to have a great upcoming season. Hard work and dedication is what builds this team and it will only allow it to continue to grow.