Wolf Pack Uses Their Wolf Speed and Endurance on the Track

Ariana Polanco, Sports Editor

Spring sports have now begun which means our track team is getting ready for its new season! Track is not an easy sport, it actually takes a lot of mental preparation and a sport like this is not for everyone. They have a very good team of coaches, one being Coach Ryan Lucker. Lucker has been a track coach for two years now at Ridgeview High School, but thirteen years overall. Lucker is a mid-distance/long distance coach and contributes a lot to the school and students. He ran track himself while growing up, so he is very fit for the job. Lucker states, “The season has started off very well, so I am expecting it to finish very well.” Arcadia High School hosts one of the many meets the team is looking forward to this year. It is one of the biggest meets in the country where teams from around the world attend and has a lot of competition, but with hard work and determination they will be able to qualify. The team has a good group of runners this year which gives Ridgeview High School a preview on how the season will go.
Starting with sensational cross country runner Alex Cuevas, he is looking to close his senior year on a positive note with this new track season arriving. Because Cuevas does cross country, he is a long distance runner during track participating in events like the 800-meter, 1600-meter, and 3200-meter. His PR´s are two minutes, 1 second in the 800-meter, four minutes, twenty-three seconds in the 1600-meter, nine minutes and twenty-three seconds in the 3200-meter. Preparing for events like that is very important, so that you can perform to the best of your ability. Cuevas states, “For a big meet I like to stay as hydrated as possible, make sure I do not eat any type of junk food the day before, so I actually watch what I eat even though I am not on any specific diet. I also make sure my body is feeling good, and lastly just try to stay positive and happy”. This reveals that track not only is a physical sport, but most also a mental sport. It takes a lot of mental practice to be successful in track, and that is why Cuevas is so good at what he does. Cuevas will be representing Ridgeview High School very proudly as he plans on attending UC Davis in the fall with a full ride scholarship to run cross country and track & field.
A new face is out on the track this year; Mikayla Polanco, who is a senior is starting her track debut her last year of high school. Track has always been something she was interested in, but never actually getting around to doing it because soccer has always been her main sport. Polanco states, “Knowing that this is my first year ever doing track, I am super excited to see my improvement throughout the season and hope to be even faster than I already am”. Polanco is going into the season with a positive attitude and is prepared for what is to come, as she is one of Ridgeview High School’s top sprinter. The events that she participates in are the 100-meter, 200-meter, 4×1 relay, and 4×4 relay. Everyone has different motivations, and for Polanco it is her family. She states, everything I do is to make my family proud, but most importantly my parents. My parents have sacrificed many things for me and my siblings, so it is my job to show them that everything they do never goes unnoticed.¨
Another face to look for out on the track is senior, Keylijah Lucas, who is also starting his first year of track. One of the things he is looking forward to this season is making his grandma proud. Lucas states, ¨My grandma has always been there for me and I want to do whatever I can to give her a better life¨. Lucas as a strong bond and love for his grandma, so he will be doing everything he can to make this season successful. Staying focus and humble is what will help Lucas receive the outcome he is looking for, even though there might be a few opponents he has to watch out for. A few runners that will give Lucas some good competition are Malik Bolton, from Bakersfield High School and Zion Hall from Garces Memorial High School. Practices can be very rigorous, but Lucas states, ¨ I always go out 100% at practice to do whatever coach needs me to do and I try my best to help others the best I can¨. Having someone like Lucas is always beneficial and proves that the team is a family. Everyone works together, so they can be the best versions of themselves on and off the track.
The season is looking very promising and excited as these seniors end their high school years with a bang. Ridgeview High School has some bright and athletic students. It will be a difficult season for each and every one of them with different obstacles they might face, but they are up for the challenge.