Another Club on the Rise: Pack-It-Up Club!

Mikayla Grebner, Staff Writer

Pack-It-Up is a club  at Ridgeview that was created so that issues such as schoolwide behavior can be discussed. They also discuss academic statistics by subject, and gives the chance for staff to hear a diverse range of students voices. 

Gerald  De Jesus, is a senior at Ridgeview who has been on Pack-It-Up since he was a junior. “My purpose is to contribute to the ideas of the P.A.C.K acronym and to help our students thrive in a community where there is lots of positivity,” he explained. “I actually got chosen to be in Pack-It-Up by the admin and I chose to commit to it because I want to be the leader I am today and help the legacy of Ridgeview thrive and continue to become a safe and healthy environment.”

Another member of Pack-It-Up is Danielle Smith. She joined in March 2020, and her role is to give advice as well as give ideas about how the school can improve when it comes to mental health. “I joined because I joined a group for equity and equality with two other students to stand for students or staff that are under the LGBTQ+ umbrella.” Her favorite thing about Pack-It-Up is that it gives her a chance to be a voice for students that normally don’t have a say.

Pack-It-Up is a club that exists for students by students. They work on fixing issues for our community at the wolfden so we can all thrive in a positive and safe environment. 

Remember, One pack, One howl!