The Effects of COVID-19 on Seniors

Christina Ho King, Staff Writer

Ridgeview High School’s Senior Class of 2020 was just getting ready to make their last moments in high school the best right before they stepped into the real world. However, the global virus outbreak and the restrictions put in place cancelled the rest of the school year. 

The coronavirus also known as the COVID-19, is a virus that affects the respiratory system in humans and animals. The virus began its outbreak in China and then spread across many countries, including the United States. This led to public schools, event venues, and other facilities that hold a capacity over the limit of ten to shut down. Residents were asked to shelter in place to be in quarantine until further notice.This news was shocking to many students and teachers as they were assigned to continue the school year through technology at home. 

            Jenasis Trujillo, a senior, states that she felt nonchalant with the news on having to be in quarantine. “Honestly, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. I thought it’d be over quick and we would be back to our normal routines soon”. That was until she realized that work still needed to be turned in through Google Classroom in order to still make credits for the school year. “I thought ‘Yay! Finally a break from school!’ I had been a bit stressed with school work so I thought this would be a good time to relax and clear my mind. That was until I realized we would still be getting work assigned to us via Google Classroom,” she added.  To her, this news meant that she would live a normal routine at home while being in quarantine.

However, the news was updated, and health specialists confirmed that there are more than one  million cases worldwide. This led to all school districts to announce that school and all events had to be canceled for the rest of the school year. Knowing that many seniors had many expectations of finishing their high school experiences with events such as prom, graduation, senior ditch day, and etc.This news was a heartbreak for many seniors. According to Trujillo, she confesses that she was heavy-hearted hearing about her senior year being canceled. “I’m just hurt and sad that the things I looked forward to the most are being taken away. Not being able to have that makes me feel incomplete and in some sort of way robbed of something I’ve worked so hard for”. 

Another student, Harneet Chahal, felt the same way when hearing about school being canceled and not being able to have her exciting experiences for her senior year. “Prom, grad bash, graduation, and all the senior activities are some things that we may not ever get to experience,” said Chahal. There were even goals being made for their last year as a senior that aren’t going to be met. For Chahal, her goals of experiencing senior events with her friends and family. “My goals on spending my last moments as a senior was to go have fun with all my friends on senior ditch day, prom, grad bash, graduation, and all other senior activities”.

Despite all the disappointment and devastation over the sad news, many seniors have been working their way into making the best of being quarantined, staying positive, and playing it safe. Gerald De Jesus, our ASB president, has spent his quality time inside, with his family and friends in the safest way, and also took the time to discover new things. “I’ve spent my time working out, spending time with my family, Facetiming my friends, and playing video games. I’ve actually been looking into new genres of music lately. In addition, I made a workout plan for myself, which I have never done before,” he said.  In order to be safe, him and his family are following all the precautions in preventing the spread of the virus across the family. “Our family has been following the fundamental ways to prevent the spread of Coronavirus such as; social distancing, washing our hands, cleaning everyday, and eating healthy,” added De Jesus.  While at it, he has found multiple ways to help him and others keep a positive mindset and energy throughout the quarantine. “I’ve been spreading hope lately. Making motivation videos, contacting my friends through social media and just getting the word out there to continue to spread hope throughout others”. Seniors are very aware of how serious the issue is and would like to suggest their fellow peers to take precautions and follow the orders in keeping yourself, and your family safe and positive. 

Crystal Lozano advises, “Just wash your hands and don’t go out with your friends or have parties”. Another student, Sylvia Eggleston, would like to suggest her peers to stay positive whilst being in quarantine. “To keep everyone positive I would just let them know that this is what’s best for everyone to stay alive, we will be back to normal life soon”.

           Even though many special events and experiences for seniors were ruined, seniors still managed to get through being in quarantine and staying safe. As the coronavirus is spreading and threatening many people’s lives and healths, it is very important as a resident to do your job in keeping yourself and your loved ones safe to help prevent the spread to continue. In order to help decrease the number of cases and be safe, wash your hands thoroughly to eliminate any germs, stay indoors as much as possible,keep your immune system strong by adapting to a healthier diet, not to be in large crowds, practice social distancing, and spreading positivity throughout the world so that everyone and everybody can get through this once and for all.