How Are Students Handling School Closure?

Harkamal Randhawa, Staff Writer

Ridgeview High school student’s levels of frustration rise as the carona virus (COVID 19) cases do. Students express their discontent for school closures when asked about the sudden action taken. 

Carlors Zuniga, a junior says that, “online classes are pretty difficult, mainly because they require a lot of self determination”.  He also adds on, “it’s affecting me academically not being able to have the one-on-one help that I need from teachers.” Multiple students share this opinion along with him. Others talk about how this is also increasing their stress.

Students also express their discontent towards social distancing. Princess Carpio, a junior, says that social distancing is making her “frustrated and sad”, kids want to see their friends however are unable to. Sitting at home all day in the same environment and room constantly however others disagree. 

Seniors Xavier Carmona and Ryan Catuiza state how they feel about senior activities being canceled.  Catuiza says that, “I feel sad for the people who were looking forward to senior activities than I personally feel about the activities being canceled. Although I would’ve attended most of them, large gatherings have never been my thing, same thing goes for graduation, all I’ve ever been concerned with was earning my diploma, not walking across the stage.”  Carmona adds on with, “I don’t really care about senior activities being canceled because I mainly just went there to see my friends. All I really want are the refunds for the stuff I paid for.” 

However, it isn’t all bad, students express how they enjoy working at their own pace and on their own time. Daniel Kim says that, “sleeping in, not having to wake up early and rush to get ready for school is great. Zuniga adds in, “we get a year and a half off of school, people who enjoy being with their families get to spend more time with them.” All though there are bad parts to this, people are finding up sides to it.