Leading by Example for This Senior Pitcher/ Fielder


Josh Bueno

Senior Gavyn Siefert up to bat at a Ridgeview baseball game.


Playing America’s sport : Baseball is something that right field/ pitcher, Senior Gavyn Siefert has been doing since the age of three. “I started playing because my parents had put me into sports and I wanted to play baseball as well, “ said Siefert.  He continues to play this sport that he loves because , “it is fun and challenging and I’ve always had a great time playing the game and being around the game.” 

Siefert has also played football in his high school career, but “stuck with baseball because I’ve always enjoyed it more than any other sport I’ve played and I’ve always been better at baseball than the other sports. I also stuck with baseball because I knew that it could possibly get me into college,” said Siefert. 

In his career at Ridgeview he has  played 78 games with a .257 batting average, a .307 on base percentage, 54 hit, 46 RBI’s, 41 runs, 13 doubles, and 3 triples.  He has helped the Pack to two league titles as well as gain the respect from his coaches and teammates.  

Many players bring different qualities to their team, but Coach Robert Shahan said that Siefert brought Experience.  “Gavyn knows how to win and how to work hard. These are important things to teach to younger players,” added Shahan. In terms of Siefert as a player, Shahan  stated that he is a lead by example style leader. “He is an extremely hard worker and has dedicated his life to playing baseball to the best of his ability,” added Shahan. 

Siefert has had many memories with the Wolfpack but his favorite is, “ RHS was going to San Diego every year with the team for our annual spring break tournament. These trips were always fun because the team would always have a great time,” he added.  Every player prepares for games differently, from listening to music to meditation. Siefert is no different than major league players in baseball  when it comes to preparation. “ I usually listen to music as I get ready to go warm up to get my mind relaxed. Then I will go start stretching and joking around with my teammates to keep me and my team relaxed and having fun. Then we’ll start throwing and getting more serious as we get closer to game time,” added Siefert. 

The majority of athletes have someone they look up to to gain that motivation.  Kobe Bryant looked up to Magic Johnson and Jerry West. Le Bron James looked up to Micheal Jordan and Allen Iverson. Siefert is no different; his biggest  motivation, “ is professional baseball player Mike Trout. He is a center fielder for the Angels and I have always looked up to him and wanted to be like him since he got to the Majors,” he said.

Siefert’s hard work has paid off as he will continue his baseball career at Taft college and then hopefully at a four year college. In the end Siefert has learned many lessons at Ridgeview  that he will take with him and hopes future pack will value,  “to always do your best because you never know who is watching and to always be coachable whether that be on the field or in a classroom.”