New block schedule has RHS students on the fence

Chelsi Puentes, staff writer

Did you ever think that you would be learning from a computer? Students at Ridgeview High school started the fall semester with distance learning through Canvas and a new block schedule because of Covid-19.

         The new schedule consists of three classes a day, lasting  an hour and a half each. School  starts at 8:00 a.m. and class session ends at 1:00 p.m. The school day however lasts until 3:00 p.m. where students can get extra help from their teachers after lunch or tutoring. Some students, however, disagree with the start time, Gabriel Rodas Mejia stated, “ I think school should start at 9:30, because then we don’t have to wake up too early,”. Another student, Chyann Lujan, had the same opinion. In regards to the block schedule Lujan stated, “ I think school should start at 9:30, because we get more time to wake up and eat breakfast.” When asked how other students may feel Mejia stated, “ I think that more kids would be more awake and energized,”. Lujan also stated, “ They’d feel happy because they don’t have to wake up so early”. 

         When asked if they like the block schedule the students had very mixed opinions on the topic. Mejia stated, “ I have mixed feelings. I like it because we only have three classes a day, but I don’t like it because the teachers take that as a sign to give us more homework.” Lujan, however, had her opinion set, “ No. It’s tiring sometimes, having to wake up early and my mom having to sneak in to give me breakfast”. When asked how they think other students are adapting to the block schedule they responded the opposite. Lujan stated, “they’re always way too happy in the morning, I don’t get it” while Mejia said, “ They’re not adapting because they keep falling asleep during class”.

 Some students had opinions on how this new schedule and learning had affected their grades. Mejia responded, “ The block schedule has made my grades better, but there’s way too much homework while Lujan responded, “ Yes, badly. Sometimes I’m late to classes and it’s overall way too much work “