Embarrassing Zoom Moments? Maybe


A computer screen during a zoom class.

Ariel Torres, Editor in Chief

Since the beginning of Corona, one thing has remained the same. That is in fact, zoom. As we are not allowed to meet others in person, we use things like google meets and zoom in order to go attend lectures for school or just chat with friends. Schools and the work world use it immensely. Although zoom seems like a pretty simple website to use, like everything, it comes with its own feats. Many people have had the pleasant experience of embarrassing themselves through the website, allowing them to feel shy in front of their boss and or colleagues.

Nataly Flores, a sophomore here at Ridgeview High school has had her own share of embarrassment through zoom. “One time I was singing and didn’t realize my microphone was on the whole time. No one even bothered to tell me!” Flores states. She continues, “My teacher was the one that just told me to turn it [the microphone] off.” Not only is it embarrassing, but not at all cool her peers didn’t say anything. Although some may say it isn’t a big deal, it truly feels like it in the moment.

Another student here at Ridgeview High school, Serenity Mejia, talks about her experience. “I was doing my work in another tab with zoom on in the background while I was eating, and I forgot my camera was on. I think my classmates saw my worried face right before I turned the camera off.” Mejia tells how it felt after it happened. She says it, “Was a bit funny when I thought about it later on, but right after it happened, I was so embarrassed.” She says she hopes she doesn’t have anything like that happen again.

Although it may not seem as embarrassing to others, incidents like forgetting the microphone or camera are not fun to have happen to you. Some believe it would just be better to get rid of the camera feature all together! Hopefully in the future, zoom will be easier for us all.