Heading To The Top of The Pack

Jaysen Ford, News Editor

Seniors who achieve beyond the normal academic standards are recognized and awarded with being the top of their class. These students have learned how to not only balance school and  personal lives, but also excel in their work. 

Students must develop several skills and qualities during their high school career that are put to use in order to succeed both in and out of the classroom. Ridgeview student Baraq Hasan, who is graduating at the top of the class, describes these qualities in depth. “I think some skills that would help students be successful in school and in life are time management, adaptability, critical thinking, and initiative,” says Hasan. “Being able to manage your time between school, family, and other activities helps one stay focused and less stressed. Also, there are many instances that you would need to think, make critical decisions, and adapt, especially when things don’t go as planned. Skills such as these can be developed by anyone. I think understanding who you are and what you want will allow you to create this mindset that will keep you confident in what you’re doing.” But what exactly does staying motivated and making clear decisions towards your goals look like? 

Another student, Gurleen Bhangoo, shares their study schedule, “I personally prefer to study and work on my homework at night, but after I get home from school, I always make a to-do list and prioritize things accordingly,” Bhangoo explains, “If there’s something that needs to be done ASAP then I usually work for like one to two hours after school and then take a break for dinner and go walk my dog and then spend some time with my family. I finish all my other homework at night.” 

Senior Nathaniel Mata also touches on a major point regarding what students must face in order to reach their goals. “The main thing I know kids my age deal with is procrastination.” Mata says, “I feel like this is what hinders many from reaching their true potential. So, I recommend that anyone trying to get their grades up does their work the moment they get the chance to. If they’re busy all day for whatever reason, it’ll take sleepless nights. Don’t put things off until the last minute because once that happens, you get lazy and find no point in making up that work.”

“I think overachieving in school is important because

 it brings out your full potential and you can prove yourself that you can do more than you thought. Most of the time for me, it is very motivating when I exceed the limits of my potential. It is also very important that you do not burn yourself out while overachieving

 in school.”

But perhaps one of the most i thing to students who want to see improvement are grades. Grades show us roughly how well we did within a period of time, and how hard we worked. According to students who’ve gotten the best ones in the school, what do grades really mean, and how much weight do they carry in the long term? “I think grades do affect the overall success in someone’s career because grades play a role in proving how we did during our school and jobs or colleges select us based on our grades,” says Ridgeview student Rajwant Kaur. “Therefore, having good grades are really important because they can shape our future in both negative or positive ways.”

Another student, Jaskaranjeet Kaur, has a slightly different view. “I do not think that grades affect overall success in someone’s career because there are various other factors that play a role in a successful career.” says Kaur, “Grades are just part of building a career, so it is important to maintain good grades. However, after graduating no one will ask you about your grades in high school.”

Mata also adds, “Although I don’t believe grades determine someone’s future, I do believe they play a big role in their career. Grades aren’t a measure of intelligence, but much rather a representation of how much work and dedication someone is willing to put into their education. With this being said, maintaining good grades proves that someone is willing to go that extra mile for their own well-being. If someone is willing to sacrifice certain things in life, then they’ll have successful careers. After all, nothing in life comes easy.”

So, grades certainly play a large role in your experience in high school and the future. However, what students value most is something most is something else. “High school

 is not only about learning or getting good grades, but it is about making the best memories with your friends that you will cherish for the rest of your life,” says Kaur.” So, I would suggest that you should go on field trips and attend school activities to really enjoy high school. I would also suggest doing something that is out of your comfort zone so you can experience new things.”

Gurleen Bhangoo adds, “Throughout my high school journey, there were times when I was really behind on work or not doing too good in my classes, but the goal was to always keep going and never give up. And always remember, one bad test grade shouldn’t let you down.”







A shot of this years 2021 graduation cap is shown. (Cri)