Running To The Top

Azalia Rippee, Staff Writer

After recovering from a pandemic, this season’s Cross Country team is excited to be back. Since the pandemic took such an effective hit on schools and the way things became, it is something that produces more nerves to this season’s team. This produces more nerves because runners weren’t able to get the same experience as what they would have this year. 

New runners especially, since some may have never actually been out on a track before. Coach Hobson stated in an interview, when he was asked how he helps his team with the nerves, “ It’s the performance right, so we’ve already done the rehearsal so don’t make it bigger than it is, it’s just a race and it’s a chance to push yourself.” This seems to help runners immensely.

 Runners use this adrenaline to strengthen themselves as well. Teams work together, and the same goes for Ridgeview’s cross country team. Cross Country is not only a team sport, but an individual sport. As well, Hobson stated in an interview, “ I bike with them but I’ve also tried running with them…”  This makes the team feel more comfortable and bonded, as well as decreasing the nerves. This also helps runners motivate and uplift some of their teammates as well. 

Motivation plays a big role in Ridgeview’s Cross Country Team. Things like music, family, loss etc can be one of the biggest motivators for people in general. Runners can also use motivation to fuel their strength and their mindset, thus helping them get to where they need to be, reach the pace they need to be at, or help them reach their goal time. Runners that have a motivation can learn certain lessons and teach others that may or may not want to also join Cross Country. 

Damian Lopez, one of the teams top four runners, talked about what his motivation was, “ Probably myself but.. yeah myself.” Running with motivation could be key for some runners, no matter what the motivation is. 

Ridgeview’s Cross Country team has some outstanding achievements. For the last three years, Boys’ Varsity Cross Country has won Valley. 

The runners may run on natural terrain including grass, hills, and maybe even gravel roads. The distance runners have to run is typically 4-12 kilometers which is equivalent to 2.5-7.5 miles. When Lopez was asked how long practices are he stated, “ About two in a half  hours, two hours… three hours.” Running in 100 degree weather isn’t exactly easy. Hobson added, “ the first time that I actually ran when I did Cross Country I threw up and I quit and then the next day somebody convinced me to try it again and I didn’t throw up and then the rest is history.” Ridgeviews Cross Country Team is a team we should all be extremely proud of. They have made outstanding achievements and worked to where they got to be.