Is School lunch as bad as they say?

Kiara Ramos, Staff Writer

Everyone has their own opinions on school lunch, some bad-some good. Most students said the same thing, “It needs more salt. I’d rate it about 5-7/10. It’s too dry.” Some also say that when they get their food that it’s supposedly cold and think that the staff should heat up five minutes prior to when lunch is dismissed. There’s also another half that thinks the food isn’t overall bad and they would eat it. But OVERALL, most students said it was pretty bad and needs to be better. My opinion  is that the school lunch isn’t that bad, I do agree that it needs more salt and pepper but overall, me personally-I’d give it a 6/10.

 I myself think the food was heated up good, it’s just that others go at other times like later when it’s already cold and isn’t warmed up anymore. It just really depends how picky an eater you are. I’m not much of a picky eater, but there are things that I’m just like “ thanks.” The school lunch isn’t something I think I’d eat on a daily basis, but if I was hungry and didn’t have anything on me to eat. I’d probably just eat it, the lunch isn’t really as bad as others make it seem to be. You just gotta be open with your food choices and don’t mind what you eat. Everyone is gonna have different opinions with their food taste and what they like and don’t like. If I or someone doesn’t like something, I guess you could try to change our minds but it’ll most likely remain the same as what I thought about it before.