Wolfpack Strikes Back At Homecoming


Kristen Hunter Flores

Homecoming King Jeffrey Wilson and Queen Mone Rocha pose after hearing they won.

Jaysen Ford, Co- Editor in Chief

Every year, Ridgeview students have been able to look forward to Homecoming. From a themed dance to the big game to king and queen, students are finally going to be able to enjoy the Homecoming festivities again this year!

Another Homecoming means another two candidates for Homecoming royalty. This year’s picks for queen are Moné Rocha, Marrisa Almaguer, and Natalie Manrique Guerra. King candidates include Cody Albritton, and Jeffrey Wilson. Rocha is heavily involved in several school activities, including cross country, National Honors society, Math Club, and track and field. The theme this year is music festivals, with each class representing a different music genre. Seniors represented Lovers and Friends, Juniors were Coachella, Sophomores Rolling Loud, and Freshmen EDC.  

Homecoming was organized and put together by Ridgeview’s ASB staff and director Jose Valadez, and was on October 8th. Senior Ra’shaun Williams explains how ASB prepares for Homecoming. We start by having a big ASB meeting. Then we go out to the field and start decorating. We have our floats that we set up, dances that we choreograph, and decorations that we put up.”

This year will be a little different than past years when it comes to school events like Homecoming. “This year specifically we chose to try to pack everything into September because we wanted to give our Seniors the opportunity to get as much as they could of their senior year in before we possibly leave school again,” explains Williams. Junior Anicia Reneecarrillo adds, “I think we’ll be enforcing more social distancing just to keep everyone safe. More events will be outside rather than in the gym as usual.”

Not only will Homecoming and other events be more Covid conscious, but they will be better in many other ways as well. “Events on campus this year will be a lot more thought out, planned, well themed. They’re gonna be closer together, back to back almost,” says Williams. 


The ASB staff puts lots of time, planning and effort into everything they do including Homecoming, and love doing it. “I love making the floats, painting them, and decorating them,” Reneecarrillo says. Williams talks about why he enjoys Homecoming. “My favorite thing about setting up Homecoming would have to be the dances and getting all the themes and colors together. I like sitting down at our conference tables, talking about different things we can do on campus, and different activities we have planned.”