How Old Is Too Old for Trick Or Treating?


Serenity Mejia

A trick or treat bucket next to a Mr. Goodbar and a box of Skittles.

Eric Cadenas, Staff Writer

Halloween is coming up and people are ready to trick or treat, but there is a question going around. What age is too old for trick or treating? I think there is an age limit when it comes to trick or treating.

According to an article from Parents Magazine it states, “In general, many believe the trick-or-treat age should be strictly 12 and under. Some cities and towns even have an actual


trick-or-treat law on the books that place an age limit on trick-or-treating. Yes, really.” This states that cities are puting laws for people over the age of 13 and over to not trick or treat. Teens instead of trick or treating can invite friends or family to have a Halloween party instead of trick or treating.

According to the article from TIME Magazine it states, “Most teenagers stop dressing up and trick-or-treating somewhere between the ages of 12 and 16.” This means that most teens stop dressing up and trick or treating altogether. That shows that there should be an age limit for  trick-or-treating because most teens don’t want to do that anymore. Teens don’t want to go out because teens are older and think that trick or treating is childish. In The Parents Article it states, “A survey by Today found that 73% of respondents said kids should stop trick-or-treating between the ages of 12 and 17.” This shows that the majority of people say that the ages of 12-17 should stop trick or treating. 

Teens shouldn’t trick or treat because teens are older and can do other things besides trick or treating like having a horror movie night, halloween party, and going to horror attractions.There are other things that teens could do like lending a hand for younger children. According to the TIME article it says that, “For kids who still want to trick-or-treat, how about going with younger siblings? Big kids helping little kids — that could be a very positive experience.” So maybe instead of teens trick or treating, they could help younger kids with trick or treating. Teens can also help with the candy to give out to kids or any decorating the house to make it spookier. Teens can help with so much stuff other than going out to trick or treat.