Students Voices come Alive on ASB Bulletin Board


Jayson Ford

Ridgeview’s ASB put up a bulletin board so students can voice their opinions

Jaysen Ford, Editor In Chief

Recently, Ridgeview’s ASB decided to put up school bulletin boards that students can observe and make use of. Located throughout the school, the bulletin boards have been available to students for several weeks. The purpose of this bulletin board is to keep students informed about what’s going on at school, and prompt students to interact with them in a creative, positive and productive way. 

ASB students decided to put up bulletin boards to promote more student interaction and create a new experience for students. “We wanted a place where kids could just express themselves, write drawings and make notes so we just came up with the idea to put bulletin boards across campus,” says ASB member Anthony Quiroz, who first came up with the idea. “Just so they could walk by and see something that’s theirs, whether it be a picture or a drawing they made, or anything else,” added Quiroz. 

 Students can share things like music or favorite artists, art, thoughts and questions, birthdays and different interests. “We ask students to interact with the board where we’ll hang a pencil on the side so you can draw stuff, or answer questions, and it’s meant to just be fun for everyone,” says ASB adviser Jose Valadez. “It gives students a place to express themselves.” 

Bulletin boards are also an important source of information to students. Quiroz says, “It helps the entire school by letting everyone know about any upcoming events, clubs or just news in general,” and sports schedules are regularly posted on them. According to ASB members, the boards are something for students to interact with, giving a “voice to the unheard students” that walk by them every day. 

Right now, ASB has four bulletin boards set up near the 600, 900, and 1000 buildings that students can utilize, and they plan to have more boards put by every building.