Kids These Days Are Sleep Deprived


RHS Student

RHS art Student a drawing demonstrating distractions for kids now that get in the way of sleep.

Emma Briones, Features Editor

           Sleep can be very important to someone and not so important to others. Some people depend on sleep to be able to be up in the morning and get through their day, while others get around two to three hours of sleep and can be up like they’ve had eight hours of sleep. Although when a person doesn’t get the right amount of sleep or changes their sleep schedule they have different behavior.  Students at Ridgeview have various sleeping schedules/habits that are all different. Teenagers around the ages 13 and 18 should get from eight to ten hours of sleep. According to the CDC website, “Sleep in Middle and High School Students”, about 73% of high school students do not get enough sleep. The students who do get enough sleep tend to have less attention and behavior problems.

          “When I sleep more I’ll feel more tired,” said Gizelle Chavez, a junior attending Ridgeview. She gets around seven hours of sleep but when she wakes at a later time than usual she feels unmotivated and in a bad mood, which is common for people to have different behavior when changing their sleep schedule. Even though Chavez sleeps around seven hours of sleep she still has difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. Children and adolescents can cause health problems when they do not get enough sleep. “I think sleep is very important. Without it I  would be grumpy and in a bad mood all day.  It should be important to others since it affects our day and behavior.”

            Erik Gonzalez who is a sophomore at Ridgeview High School says, “a person should get as much sleep as they need”. Gonzalez gets around five hours of sleep but says he still gets tired even though he tries to get more sleep. He does everything he needs to do before sleeping in order for him to sleep,  but he has difficulty sleeping at night and waking up in the morning. Sleep is very necessary because it’s how a person functions throughout the day” said Gonzalez.

             A few people don’t really need as much sleep as others,  sophomore Katie Santano says, “I get around three to four hour of sleep every night”.  She doesnt think sleep is as important to her as others think it is. Santo does have trouble waking up in the morning, she has noticed she has less trouble getting up when she sleeps more.