Are Students Getting The Knowledge We Need For The Real World?


April Gonzalez

A classroom of students working on articles.

Ashlin Morris, Staff Writer

Is school preparing students for the real world? In my opinion, I think that school is preparing me for the real world in different ways. For example, I can take certain classes, be involved in clubs, or doing extracurricular activities for the school. 

By this, I mean that I can take different classes that can be taken as electives that can prepare me for the real world. A class about managing money can be beneficial because being able to be financially stable or responsible with money when out of high school is something that is very important. The school provides me a bank on campus which can be very useful as well. Another class that can teach real-world skills could have something to do with business or teaching students how to begin a business, how to get started, or how to set up a resume and apply for jobs. Virtual enterprise is a class that the school offers that can teach me how to create an imaginary business.

 In the same way, I  think that clubs can teach me twenty-first-century skills too because I can learn great leadership skills as well as learn to work well with others. Clubs also teach good communication skills, for example, other students and I would be able to have conversations where we share their ideas and build off each other’s new ideas. Schools also allow me to create different clubs based on things that I am interested in which is helpful because it lets me be creative and passionate about something. 

Additionally, schools provide community services that give me college credits. One service that I can do is where I can clean up the campus or community. I can also serve food to homeless people which gives me great people skills and teaches me how to be respectful and work with others. 

Furthermore, the school also prepares me for challenges I will face later in my life. By this, I mean that while in school teachers have me work independently and in groups that way I can learn how to work well by myself and with others. This can teach me to learn how to face challenges by myself and not give up when failing something the first time. 

The school also offers dual enrollment for me so that I can get ahead, which in my opinion is very beneficial because it gives me a head start on a career path after high school. I think that these classes can create goals for me which is a good thing because having goals and wanting to achieve them is very important in life. 

So as explained above, in my opinion, I think that schools are giving me twenty-first-century skills and preparing me for the real world. I know that not many kids’ favorite thing to do is be at school, but when attending school you can gain important knowledge and skills that you can use in the real world.