Boys Have Their Eyes On Valley


Justin Hernandez

Ridgeview Boys Varsity Scrimmage Game

Aaron Lainez, Staff Writer

Senior, Brian Marquez who plays right center back, has been playing soccer since he was four  years old. “My grandpa, he put me in when I was really young and then I’ve just been playing it ever since”, states Marquez. He says his goals include getting a ring for this season as well as winning Valley and State. Marquez also states that he feels the team will do good this year because of the connection this year’s team has. Looking into Marquez’s future in soccer he would like to play somewhere local like Taft college or BC.

Senior, Andrew Caro, who plays center back, has been playing soccer since he was five- years-old. Caro’sdad motivated him to play soccer since he was little and has loved the game ever since. Caro’s goals this season include to, “not concede any goals and win every game”. Caro feels prepared this season and is happy to be back playing soccer after quarantine. Caro states, “most of us have known each other since we were small”. This is an advantage to the team, to keep creating a better connection. Caro is hopeful to play for Cal Poly but if not hopes to play for Taft.  

Ryoma Yamaguchi, senior midfielder, has been playing soccer since he was five-years-old. Yamaguchi’s brother was his inspiration to play soccer. He said, “My older brother was playing soccer and I wanted to start soccer too”. Yamaguchi’s goal for the season is to be Valley champs. Yamaguchi says the soccer team has a good connection and that makes them play better. “We hang out whenever we aren’t playing soccer”. 

Coach Tyler Hernandez has been coaching for many years and has goals for the boy’s soccer team. He says, “Number one goal is for the students to enjoy themselves out there, two is to be competitive and three is to just win some games”. Hernandez also infers that consistency is an important trait to have as a soccer player because it is going to help with the game and in life in general.  He wants students to know that all the players are respectful, hardworking and they are all out there to improve themselves. Hernandez wants his soccer players and future soccer players to know that they have to be prepared to work hard, have fun and to bring a positive attitude.