Girls Take The Court


Girls Basketball Team playing against BHS Drillers

Aaron Martinez, Staff Writer

The Wolfpack girls’ basketball team hopes to have a strong season after finishing with an 8-4 record in the South Yosemite league, led by head coach Travis Bivens. Coming out of season strong after a year of long-distance learning and no in-person training or coaching, the Wolfpack girls’ Varsity team stays focused on the opportunity and focus of team bonding, and building powerful team dynamics for next season. 

On any sports team, having a strong team bond is an essential key to success. When asked about the team bond, Jabreyah Carter said, “I would say the team bond is progressing because we have a lot of new players, but all of the returners get along pretty well. As for returners, we know how to play together, and we all know how one another is going to play.” Teams facing readjustment to bring back in-person coaching and training had their challenges, but most seem optimistic from all athletes, parents,and teachers. Spending almost half a year at home in distance learning caused many uneasy feelings. The magnifying glass focused on how sports play an essential role in young people’s lives. Young people need interaction and social lives; sports become a healthy, positive way to have this interaction. 

Experienced player, Janae Hutson knows the importance of bonding when asked about team bonding. Hutson “ Our team bond is strengthening as we have an equal number of returners and new members” has been playing basketball since she was a little girl and understands the importance of team bonding. “I would say our team bond is strengthening as we have an equal number of returners and new varsity members this year” Both athletes agreed that team bonding is essential.

The Covid-19 pandemic affected many, especially high school students. Things have not been the same for high school sports. When asked the difference from this season and last season Jabreyah Carter. responds with, “This season is different from last because we are no longer doing distance learning, so our basketball schedule is back to normal.” With the season being somewhat back to normal, teams have the opportunity to bond, connect, and now have in-person coaching and training—the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted high school sports around the nation. Students are now feeling the waters of being back in school, attempting to regain routines of sports and academics. Student-athletes are excited to be back in person with teams. Team bonding is crucial to accept any team dynamics in sports. Carter. “I am a senior. I have been playing since my freshman year. I’m most excited to play the west game this year. In the end”, sports comes down to having an opportunity.