Pinned Against the Mat


Azalia Rippee

Ridgeview’s Boys Wrestling had a Match against Foothill.

Azalia Rippee, Staff Writer

The Boy’s Wrestling Team is excited for this season and more seasons to come. Wrestling requires teamwork, balance, strength, coordination, and body awareness. Wrestling will benefit the team physically and help them acquire new friends. A bonded team can make every difference. 

Coach Aaron Garza stated, “My objective this season is to get past Covid. The fear of Covid where kids feel like they can’t work out or they shouldn’t work out because they think they might get Covid, they might get sick and for them to overcome that fear.” The team overcoming this fear of Covid and anxiety together could be super beneficial to them and their season this year. After matches, most teams have something special that they do. For example, some teams have a grand meal after or hang out at their favorite spot and reminisce on that match or the activities that occurred that day. 

As one of the team members, Cristian Adana described how he’d like to celebrate wins as, “ Going out with the team,  getting some pizza.” When Camdon Williams was asked how he’d like to celebrate wins, he stated, “ I’d just like to celebrate my wins with a nice meal after.” Celebrating wins with a meal afterwards seems to be a common “tradition” and is something most of the team share in common. This way may also help the team and coach bond and become closer with each other. 

Although wrestling is considered an individual sport, the team will all have to rely and trust each other to be at their best and do their best. Being at your best is something that can be hard to do, especially when you have no motivation. Most athletes have a role model, or something they play for. Adana’s biggest motivator is, “My biggest motivator is my pops. He’s always pushing me, always making me do stuff like you know making sure I got to stay on track on what I gotta do.” Regarding motivators in his life Jesus Ochoa Peralta said, “Probably just like the feeling of winning,” Having a role model or playing for someone or something can really affect the way you play or how you play. Some people don’t have motivators and have to motivate themselves, but this teaches wisdom and maturity. Something wrestling offers. To develop the art of playing this sport can be hard to accomplish. However, the team is strong, wise and has a strong mindset. They developed the skill accurately and will have one of their best seasons yet.