They’re Runner’s They’re Track Stars


Samantha Trujilo

Track and Field practicing and conditioning to get into the winning focused

With the start of Boy’s and Girl’s Track and Field beginning, Ridgeview has come with a new head coach and familiar faces to the team. 

When asked how does it feel to run again after Covid-19 Mone Rocha states, “It feels great. The team, we don’t exactly have the same number of people but just having a season definitely is a great experience.” New coach brings new expectations and limits. Rocha feels that, “I think Coach Quinn is a good guy, he’s not someone that we are used to, but I know with the work he did with the football team he’s going to make some great changes to help us succeed with track.” As the senior year comes to an end Rocha’s goal is to break wolfpack records she says, “The goal is to run under 5 minutes, and 30 seconds for the 1,600 and hopefully break the school PR for the four by four hundred meter relay.”

Coach Triandous Hobson Jr, a well known English teacher around campus by students makes another comeback as Track and Field is around the corner. Coaching comes easy for him as Hobson says, “ It always feels weird because I went here, so my coach was a really really good coach, so I felt like I had to live up to a lot of the stuff that he did. Lucky for me he was a really good coach. The bar is so high so as long as I try to do some of the stuff that he did I feel like I can be a good coach. A good team takes hard work and dedication, but Hobson has some of his own strategies, “They create the team so it’s about showing them what’s our standard what’s our tradition here’s my expectations here’s what I want to do, but ultimately they control the deal so they wind up being good kids usually they’re good kids so it’s not hard to demand much of them but they’re best because they want their best.”

Casey Quinn brings new outcomes and is the head coach of the Wolfpack’s football team. Coach Quinn has been put to the task as the new Track and Field head coach. When asked how does it feel to be the new head coach Quinn states, “Feels awesome it gives me a chance to work with other students and meet other students to have a good relationship with other kids, and you know obviously help our players that are playing football get a little bigger, faster, stronger so it’s a good thing to get to work with other coaches so it’s all positive.” 

New training techniques for the team, Quinn says, “You know I think we’re implementing the weight room a little bit more than it’s been in the past you know I think it’s new to the students and getting those guys in there. I think the coaches are buying in. I think we’re implementing more mobility and flexibility type of stuff in there too and allowing the track coaches to do their job on the track.” For those debating to join Track and Field Quinn encourages students and announces, “If you want to have a good time be in a positive culture if you want to be coached and challenged and mentored you know I think the track program is for you if you want to be serviced academically and meet new kids, and I think the social aspect part of it too is pretty good, so I think improve your overall skills then track is for you.”