Are Facial Piercings and Tattoos Professional

Barbra Ochoa getting her Picture taken of her nose piercing.

Emma Briones

Barbra Ochoa getting her Picture taken of her nose piercing.

Ashlin Morris, Staff Writer

Are facial piercings and tattoos professional? In my opinion I think that it depends on what job you are applying for or where you want to work. I think that many jobs are generally unbothered by facial piercings and tattoos as long as they are not offensive to anyone in the workplace. Another option they normally have is that you should be able to cover your tattoos up with something if they find it not appropriate or acceptable for the job. 

In my opinion I feel that if you are working in a professional setting like a hospital then there should be a limit of what you are allowed to have. What I mean by this is there should be very little piercings on your face and as far as tattoos, I think they should be covered up if on your face. If there are tattoos anywhere else it shouldn’t be a problem because the employees are also dressed in proper work attire that doesn’t allow much skin to show anyway. Many surveys taken by patients have shown that the patients prefer their doctor to look a certain way which is professional and nicely dressed because it makes them more comfortable. Surveys have also shown that many patients find facial piercings such as nose and lip piercings to be associated with lower ratings of competence and trustworthiness by the patient and your colleagues. 

Personally, I feel that nose piercings should be allowed in any job as long as they are kept small and do not become a distraction. But I think this also depends on where you work because if I worked for instance at a tattoo shop I think that it shouldn’t matter the amount of piercings, the size of the piercings or tattoos because I’m working in an artistic setting. There are many people and jobs that also agree with this statement because there are certain jobs that don’t care about facial piercings and tattoos because where they work is an artistic or expressive place where it won’t affect the business. 

In addition, a lot of jobs have a dress code you must follow in order to work there. Most of the time the dress code can vary from formal attire to casual  based on where you’re working . This also means that the dress code can be more strict based on where you work. For example, if I worked at a fast food restaurant then I think that the dress code should not be super strict but if I worked in a school district office then I think that the dress code should be more strict because you are in more of a professional place. For the most part the dress code always includes whether or not facial piercing and tattoos are acceptable for that job. 

In conclusion, my opinion stays the same about facial piercings and tattoos in the workplace. I think that they are acceptable in certain circumstances and aren’t in others.