Virtual Enterprise Heads To New York


Josiah Valenzuela

Virtual Enterprise show their business posters after their victory.

Jaysen Ford, Editor In Chief

Virtual Enterprise is a class in which students can learn about businesses and create their own mock business.  This year, both of Ridgeview’s Virtual Enterprise teams qualified (out of only 8 teams chosen from California) to go to New York and participate in a nationwide competition. In the competition, teams contest against each other to see whose business is the best, similar to Shark Tank. 

“It was absolutely amazing, I felt like I was on cloud nine and everyone’s happiness was bouncing off each other,” says Alexsandra Lochridge about her initial reaction to the news. Lochridge is the CEO of their business “Toys N’ Tails.”

Miguel Garcia, who teaches the Virtual Enterprise class, shares “I think my team will do great in New York, we have already put them under immense pressure and when most people break under pressure, these kids just continue to shine brighter,” he says. Garcia is proud of his students’ accomplishments and dedication. He describes the reason for their success, “They were always the last kids to leave campus, only to go home and get on a zoom call with their team and practice some more,” says Garcia. “Their resilience,grit, and determination to shock the world was a huge factor in their success.”

Lochridge describes Virtual Enterprise as having a work hard, play harder environment. “We have fun while we work because we get to talk the entire period and reflect ideas off of each other,” says Lochridge. “I’ve never felt like I was actually doing work in this class because it’s all genuinely fun! We control our own workload and only work on our business.”

Students in Virtual Enterprise love what they do, “I would describe VE as Shark Tank for high schoolers. You get to create your own business and control every aspect of it, from finance, marketing, design, and more.” Lochridge says. “There’s a role for every single person, you even get to attend trade shows with schools from all over California, sell your product, and buy from other booths. My favorite part about the entire class is the networking possibilities that open up to you, such as PhD professors, business executives, news reporters etc.”

      Lochridge says that what sets their team apart most is the bond that they share, “Within not just one, but both teams. We feed off of each other’s energy and make each other better, and will always pick each other up when things get difficult. We hang out with each other outside of Virtual Enterprise and we make each other laugh, and when both teams come together, we become a team of 11.”

Needless to say Virtual Enterprise has cultivated a close community that not only values hard work, but takes the time to appreciate the fun in it. I’m  honestly just looking forward to spending the rest of the year with my kids,” says Garcia in regards to looking forward. “Trophies and success are cool, but the process and the memories are worth much more,” Garcia adds.