BSU Back On Campus

Jaysen Ford, Editor In Chief

BSU (Black Student Union) is a club at Ridgeview that gives African American students an opportunity to come together as a community and talk to people who share the same experiences as black young adults navigating society. 

BSU’s adviser Kai Jackson is an English teacher here at Ridgeview. “My students were aware that I was the vice president of the NAACP and so they asked me if I would be interested in advising BSU, and I said absolutely because BSU is essentially about uplifting the black community,” says Jackson. “Being able to bring the youth together and show them the importance of self love.” 

One of the most valuable things BSU gives to its members are a sense of unity and bond building. Vice president Jabreyah Carter explains her favorite aspect of BSU, “The involvement with everybody. Seeing our culture, participating in the events, and being happy to be there.”  

 BSU also helps teach students about  political awareness and cultural awareness, on top of providing useful opportunities for college. Events like the February 19th Black College Expo in Los Angeles in particular give assistance with college scholarships and even offer some to students on the spot. 

The month of February is dedicated to commemorating African American History. Black history month is important for BSU not only because of the events they have planned but also because of what it means for the celebration of black culture and excellence. “It’s important to celebrate black history because for so long our history has not been shared, whether it be in the history books or through the media,” says Jackson. “I think to have a month that is dedicated to celebrating the black history in America is extremely vital.” According to BSU’s president Sarah Davis, “It’s not just about black culture but celebrating everything that black people have been through and accomplished.” 

During February, the club wants to have some Greek sororities/fraternities come on campus to help with college admissions. They also plan to organize a conference where black owned businesses talk about entrepreneurship in terms of, “how they got to where they are, and what it looked like getting there,” shares Jackson. 

Davis describes the lasting values that BSU has taught her as, “Who I am, what I mean, and the power I hold. BSU is a club that’s bringing black excellence to our school, helping people learn about their culture and build their future,” she adds. On Saturday February 26th there will also be a Black history month parade held in Bakersfield.