Is Street Racing Worth All The Trouble????

Kiara Ramos, Staff Writer

Is street-racing safe? How are people going to think that racing in the streets where it’s public and anyone can get hurt is okay and safe? I think street-racing is not safe because people will  lose their lives. 

Let’s for instance take Bianca Flores, she lost her life just because someone wanted to race a motorcycle in a public street. This event happened on Panama Lane where the driver of the Mustang lost control of the vehicle and swerved into oncoming traffic killing Bianca Flores in an instant. I do see that he had no intention of hurting anyone, but he did and got charged with suspicion of murder at the Kern County Jail. Now because he wanted to race a motorcycle, a 19 year-old lost her life due to street-racing. She will never have kids, never get married and now all her family is in pain due to her loss. All Flores was trying to do is live her life but instead she lost it. So you see, things like this could change a loved one’s life. That’s why we have to be cautious of our surroundings because you never know when someone can get hurt from any occurrence. It’s common sense to not street-race, but obviously other people think differently because they think it’s okay, they think nothing will happen to anyone.

Anything could happen. A life gone, broken bones, concussion, etc. There’s no way to prevent this, people can think for themselves. They think what they think even if you don’t approve of how they do things. When you get into that vehicle and you’re the one driving, you are the one responsible for anything that happens, even if you don’t intend to do anything. Both the incidents that involved the 19 year-olds happened within miles of each other, 10 minutes away from both events.

Another thing that isn’t safe is car meets. A 19 year-old named Johnny Cruz was at a car meet on White Lane. During that night a fight broke out and then a pistol got pulled out and accidently shot Johnny in the head, he was picked up and transported to a hospital where he later lost his life. This incident did not happen far from where 19 year-old Bianca Flores lost her life due to a street-race. Johnny Cruz did not know a fight and a shooting that would cost him his life-was going to happen, I mean who would? 

These events are costing people their lives, they just want to go out and have fun but can’t do that if people are getting shot, hurt, or dying. Like before, you can’t prevent car meets or street-racing, people know what they’re doing. So are car meets and street-racing really as safe as they ‘ought to be? I mean, I get that you’re just trying to show off your car and wanna race anyone that you see as competition but c’mon, think about it. People would lose their lives if this happened a lot more than it does now. 

A Subaru and BMW E 90 328i; two sports cars which can be used for street racing. (Justin Her)