Seniors Advice For College Applications

Melissa Reyes, Staff Writer


Juniors! It’s almost time to start applying for the college of your choice! Some of the seniors at Ridgeview wanted to share their experiences with applying to their college from the minute they started application forms down to the moment they were accepted. 

Here’s what Shelby Howell had to say about her application process and some of the things you can expect to see on most of the forms, “I wrote my current transcript and then it was mostly questions about the applications for CSU’s was just questions about my family and my family’s income and it was mostly stuff like that”. If you as a student feel overwhelmed by the forms or application process you are always more than welcome to talk to any counselor, many seniors did in fact pay a visit to their counselors and all of them felt as though they were greatly helped and felt much more prepared to tackle those forms  Harjeet Loha states, “I went to my counselor and they were very helpful.”

Most seniors recommend to always have two back-up school options to apply to, just in case you don’t get accepted into your first pick college you’ll have a runner- up. As Ethan Alcalá states, “Financial Aid allows you to apply to four schools, so if you have two you like at least have two other ones as back-up. And if you only have one you want to go to you need three, so it’s better to have at least two back-up schools.” The process of applying can take months to be fully completed which leads to a lot of stress and anxiety, but do not fear, there are so many resources at Ridgeview High School if at any time you were to feel overwhelmed you always have the option to seek help for it. 

Another topic worth mentioning is financial aid, here’s what Alcalá had to say about that, “If you’re getting financial aid you really need to be careful with which schools you apply to because if you apply to four different colleges and then don’t get accepted into any of them then you have to go to a different college, it’s a pain in the but to move all of your financial aid over to that one college.” Financial aid to those who don’t know is an application you have to fill out  with you and your parent’s private information to see if you could qualify for assistance for paying for your college tuition.