How To Prepare For Senior Year

Jorge Arteaga, Staff Writer

The school year is coming to an end and current juniors are on their way to their final year of high school. Feelings are mixed around for Juniors as this is an exciting time and a sad time for others. Neither the less these upcoming seniors are planning ahead to prepare themselves for the next grade.

These future seniors will soon be in their final year of high school. Emotions are all sorts of since they’re getting closer to adulthood. Current Junior Pedro Garcia shares his feelings on the closing of his 11th grade year stating, “It’s definitely a terrifying and exciting feeling for me at the same time.” Even with these feelings Pedro is ready to move forward and see what being a senior has to offer.

Juniors are only another school year away from college or the work life. Questions and how to prepare are bound to arise.  Ridgeview counselor Rebekah Ames gives advice on the topic, by stating, “Get connected in everything, try things out, get internships, apply for jobs that you think you’ll be interested in, ask questions to people that work in their desired career, and enjoy your time as a senior.” Finding a balance during this year of high school is important as it’s your last time being a kid according to Ames.

Setting goals for oneself can help lead you for success during high school and for after high school. Jio Montelongo tells us his goals in the following, “To make more money, more friends, and to increase my productivity.” Being an entrepreneur and generating lots of assets is what Montelongo is heading for during his senior and after high school. 

Being more involved is on students’ minds as it is their last year of high school that is being presented upon them quickly. Daniel Miranda, incoming senior, goes on to say, “I am looking forward to my final year of high school because of all of the activities that will be taking place next school year.” Having fun and making more memories with his peers, Miranda will be using senior year to the fullest.

Students are leaving their liabilities in their junior year to effectively optimize their senior year to the fullest potential. Creating an environment to succeed is on Moises Amador mind heading to senior year. In this statement by Amador he says. “ To explore my opportunities to the max and I’ll be putting myself out more to create a zone of encouragement.” Moises is setting his old thoughts behind him to start a new fresh mindset.

This future is in front of us and it will be that way each day coming forward in your life, planning it could be essential. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Former First Lady of the United States Eleanor Roosevelt.