A Flash From The Past For Seniors


Josiah Valenzuela

Senior Josiah Valenzuela posing his 2018 freshman year of high school.

Jaysen Ford, Editor in Chief

As the school year comes to a close, Ridgeview’s graduating class of 2022 is preparing to complete these past four years of high school and transition to a new chapter in their lives. As graduating students review their high school experience as a whole and its impact on them. 

Senior Josiah Valenzuela said, “I would describe my high school experience as a whole as a roller coaster. Starting off getting involved freshman year.” Overall it’s been a great experience and I’m looking forward to what’s next after high school. Senior year definitely because of how open of a person I am and I got to make a lot more connections.”

Something students have learned to utilize in high school are the opportunities you may be given to learn and gain valuable experience. Valenzuela shares that something he’s most proud of is accomplishing the job opportunities he’s had. “I got to work at a news station as a senior at 17.” He says that working through the media here at school lead him to being able to work outside of school at a good job that he’s proud of. Regarding his job at the news station Valenzuela says, “It’s amazing. I’m there every day, Monday through Friday. I’ve got crazy hours working from 3am to 7am and then coming to school, but it’s a great experience to have at such a young age without even going into a degree yet.” He’s going to be pursuing Broadcast Journalism at Northridge.

Another thing high school has offered students is a chance to get involved in school activities. Valenzuela started off not being very involved in Freshman year, but then, “Freshman year I kept to myself more, I wasn’t the person I thought I wanted to be. I started getting involved in ASB and doing media. Then from there I’ve been more outspoken, become more of a leader, and just part of who I am today.   “I’ve been involved in literally everything. My favorite thing would probably be the rallies.”

“I would tell myself to be more open. To not be scared, just be who you are and make a lot more connections.” He credits high school with teaching him to be a leader and to reach out to people.