Janae Hutson Shows Off On The Court

Diana Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Senior Janae Hutson has been playing volleyball for Ridgeview all four years of high school. Volleyball was a part of her life all four years of high school. She started playing volleyball because she liked the energy and how fun it was. 

Hutson said, “All though it is competitive you get to have a lot of fun with your teammates and cheer them on.” She said volleyball made an impact on her by, “Showing me what it really means to be a good teammate and cheer on different positions on the court.” volleyball is definitely a sport she recommends a lot of people to play. She said, “I enjoy it more than basketball, which is saying a lot because it just has a lot of energy.” 

It was pretty difficult for her to bond with her team this year because there were a lot of new faces due to covid but it was really important to her to create those bonds with the team. When she was asked who her biggest influence/ supporter was, she said Brian Whitefield (Blanco) her Virtual Enterprise teacher. She said he would always cheer for her at her games and was her number one fan. 

Another one of her supporters was her volleyball coach Camille Ramirez. She said that Hutson was a super hard worker and always made sure she was working her hardest at games and practice. Ramirez said when asked about Hutson’s mindset that, “ She always had a positive mindset and always tried to pump up her teammates. 

One of her favorite memories in volleyball was going to Tehachapi and playing against them. She said although they lost it was still fun because they would get to go out to eat and enjoy themselves. 

She learned from volleyball, “How to communicate and being able to talk on the court is very important and also bonding with my teammates.” This year also taught her how to make new friends because most of her teammates were new to the team. 

Once Hutson graduates from Ridgeview High School she will be attending Stanford University. Although she will not be playing volleyball for Stanford she still plans on playing