Gonzales Leaving Her Mark On The Field


Josiah Valenzuela

Kristen Gonzales on the field at a previous game attacking the opposing defender

Jaysen Ford, Editor In-Chief

Ridgeview’s soccer team has given an opportunity for many students to participate and grow in a team environment, leaving them with valuable experiences and a lasting impact on their lives beyond high school. For one student, this is especially true. Senior Kristen Gonzales is an integral part of the girls’ soccer team. She’s been playing soccer since she was four years old and all through high school. Regarding her goals and motivations to have played for so long, Gonzales says, “Improving and getting better. My family always comes to watch me play and they’re supportive and motivate me to do better.” Gonzales adds, “Soccer is important to me because it served as an escape when things got hard and it was always just really fun.”

The girls’ soccer coach Murillo gives his insight into Gonzales’s qualities as a player. He says Gonzales, “sets a good example of perseverance, dedication, and discipline. She’s overcome so many obstacles not just school-wise, but personal obstacles that she kind of turned around and used to become a great athlete. I think the best part of it is she’s become humble, and uses everything that she knows to help others around her.” The coach believes that this year Gonzales really brought a lot of experience and leadership skills to lead by example by being hard-working, not giving up, helping the team by motivating others to keep working hard.

Gonzales feels she’s learned valuable communication and team skills that she can carry with her off of the field. After high school she isn’t going to play on a soccer team, however she states, “I’m always going to enjoy watching it and playing it with my friends.”   

She is confidently described as, “one of the best athletes we have, not just in the school but in Bakersfield.” Gonzales has been been awarded Co-SYL offensive player of the year, with a total of 22 goals and 13 assists. She was also awarded 1st team all area. She plans to attend UCLA and major in human biology.