Wolfpack Wins Big Homecoming Night

Ridgeviews varsity football team making their way to the field.

Justin Hernandez

Ridgeview’s varsity football team making their way to the field.

Audrina Natividad, News Editor

A Night Out for Ridgeview Wolfpack was one for the record books. With our football team going to overtime, winning 47-46 by a field goal. 

The kickoff of the 2022 homecoming season started on Saturday September 24th, in the Ridgeview High School quad. Every year students look forward to the annual homecoming dance and football game. This year our homecoming game took place on September 30th, ending the night with a vicious fight against the Frontier Titans.

Every year our homecoming season starts with our yearly dance that took place in the school’s quad. Tickets were sold for presale at seven dollars and then ten dollars at the door. 

Jose Valadez the school Activities Director explains, “Our first major thing is the dance and we start setting up that Saturday when we also set up the homecoming boards out on the football field.” 

At the end of our homecoming dance is when the school announces our homecoming royalty finalists. Bailei Waldrop, a senior and one of the four finalists for queen says, “I felt like it would make me go out of my shell because that’s not something I would normally do.”

Waldrop hopes homecoming will be remembered by, “good memories and making sure everybody’s being safe and everybody’s involved and not being left out.” 

After our homecoming dance this leads to the week-long wait before our homecoming game against Frontier. This is when everyone at the school partakes in this year’s homecoming week dress up days. Every dress up day is based on this year’s homecoming theme; A Night Out.

“Higher grades choose first then lower grades”, MJ Padilla, junior class treasurer, on how each theme is chosen. 

Seniors starting the picking with a night out in Vegas, juniors a night out in Hollywood, sophomores a night out in Houston, and lastly our freshman class with a night out in Miami. Having dress up days like, let’s go to the beach on Monday and ain’t our first rodeo on Tuesday both catered to the freshman and sophomore class themes. And for our junior and senior class, dress like Adam Sandler on Wednesday and rags to riches on Thursdays. Ending the week on our homecoming day with neon lights where students will fill the stands with their bright neon outfits. 

For our homecoming football game we have lots of exciting things happening before and during that time. Right before the game starts each class performed on the field their homecoming float with seniors taking the win another consecutive year. “Halftime performances usually involve the band and they do their big showstopper performance out there,” Valadez adds. Along with the crowning of our 2022 homecoming queen and king, Anicia C. 

With so many events and performances this homecoming season students were filled with excitement throughout the weeks. “It is a fun experience.. and you can hang out with your friends.” Reymundo Marquez, our tenth grade class rally representative, tells us how it is participating in this year’s homecoming.

With ASB working long hours to put into this year’s homecoming season we ended this night out entertained under the Friday night lights cheering our wolfpack team on.