New Kern High District Dress Code


Justin Hernandez

A picture of the new universal dress code.

Justin Hernandez, Photo Editor

How has the dress code changed? Throughout the years of my experience at Ridgeview High-school from 2019-2022, the dress code always seems to change every year. When I first came to this school hats were only allowed if it was a Ridgeview hat. Now I see everyone roaming the halls with any kind of hat they desire to wear because they do not believe in that rule. Is the dress code outdated, In this generation? In my opinion, the dress code does not meet today’s standards, as younger teens are influenced to speak with their minds and to stand for what they believe in. I believe that things like skin visible on shoulders or brands like cookies are not a problem and do not distract students from getting our education, I have yet to hear a student complain about how “shoulders are distracting.”

This is why I believe some of the dress code rules are not necessary. Some of the rules are understandable like the “No Hate Speech (Race, Religion, Gender, Sexual Identity, and etc).” Those rules are understandable as we should all respect each other’s personal beliefs. From what I notice and hear the girls have a bigger problem with the dress code than the boys do. I have come to realize most of the dress code targets the girls of Ridgeview as they have a stronger belief against the rules “No skin visible from the armpit, mid-thigh, and the front and back.” In my personal opinion if you believe what you wear is deemed acceptable at school, but does not cross to a certain extent then why shouldn’t you be able to wear what you want at school?

My belief on branding is highly strong, I have seen students wear the brand “cookies” and they had gotten dress coded for wearing the shirt. The shirt had said only the word “cookies” and to me, that does not seem like a threat to the public education system or our peers or any teachers.

Some students believe that the dress code shouldn’t be an issue as long as it doesn’t go over the line and go too far. The dress code should be enforced but the right way. The district just doesn’t understand how we feel about the dress code. If the students of the district could have an opinion I think they would agree on the same thing and want to change this rule and express themselves any way they choose to do so.

The rules of the dress code violate my standings on what should be worn and what shouldn’t be worn. Showing skin and wearing certain brands has not affected my education.