Ridgeview Implements the New Quick Café


Justin Hernandez

A picture of the Quick Café

Ashlin Morris, Social Media Editor

Starting this new school year there have been changes to the lunch periods because our school now starts at 9:00 a.m instead of 8:30 a.m. All grades now have a combined lunch period which makes getting lunch for all students more challenging and making sure that they have a chance to eat during their lunch period more important. So, the school has now added the quick cafes all around the campus. In my opinion it is a great way to give the students more options at lunch to get food and also helps avoid waiting in long lines.

There are three quick cafes located on campus, one by the boy’s locker room, one by the girls locker room, and another near the auditorium. Having three quick cafes in my opinion is very beneficial to the students because it breaks up the long lines in the cafeteria. Since there are more places to get food and there aren’t so many students in the cafeteria at once. Personally I like the quick cafes better because I feel they are more fast-paced and I am not using my whole lunch period in line to get food. Additionally, the cafeteria can get very crowded and have pretty long lines. Whereas the quick cafes has one to two lines only and they work pretty fast in getting everyone through the line.  

The quick cafes also allows more people to eat during their lunch period. I feel as though if we didn’t have the quick cafes while having a combined lunch then lots of students wouldn’t be able to eat lunch and or would wait in the cafeteria for a fairly long time to get food because of the number of students at lunch at one time. But the quick cafes don’t just allow more kids to eat but also provide more time with friends during the lunch period and less time waiting in line to get food. 

So to end off, my opinion about the quick cafes is that they are beneficial, fast-moving, and a great way to improve the number of students eating at lunch. I think without the quick cafes lunch would be a challenge especially considering the new changes this school year with the lunch periods.