Girls Volleyball Spikes Again



Ridgeview’s ladypack goes against the West Vikings.

Diana Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Ridgeview’s girls’ volleyball team is ready to give this season their all. With a new coach this season the girls’ had a fresh start on their team. New coach Cheyenne Wallace was the JV coach last year. Their toughest teams to beat this season are Bakersfield Christian High School and Frontier. 

Kaitlyn Corral is a senior this year. Corral has been playing volleyball since fifth grade. “The hardest part about playing volleyball is trying not to get stuck in your head when you make a mistake because volleyball is a mental game.” The easiest part for her is being a part of a team that you like and get along with. After being asked how she felt about the new coach she stated, “I really like coach Wallace, she really pushes us to be better each and every practice and she really does believe in us even when we don’t believe in ourselves.” 

Meleeya Omandan is a senior this year on the volleyball team. Omandan has been playing volleyball for eight years and she said she joined because her friend had convinced her to try out with her. Omandan and her teammates find it easy to bond with each other because they are always having fun with each other during practices. Her biggest motivation, “In games I mainly use the motivation of winning the point, I think the game isn’t as important as the fight for every individual point and trying your best in that way, but in general I really like the sport and the people involved in it.”

Wallace has been coaching volleyball for five years. When asked about how she felt to be coaching Varsity this season she replied, “It’s amazing and little pressure but happy that the school and volleyball program including parents trust and support me to be in this position.”

“Showing up! I love the game and I love the bonds I’ve built with my girls,” was her response when asked about the easiest part about coaching volleyball. Since she was a coach here at Ridgeview she has been building bonds with the girls’ for a while now. 

Wallace said the hardest part about coaching is, “Instilling confidence, volleyball is a physical sport yes but a lot it is also mental. Seeing nervous faces or behaviors before a game, keeping the winning mentality and the confidence during the game after a mistake or when playing a tough team.” This is a daily reminder for Wallace that she is their role model and not just their coach.