Ridgeview Takes on New Staff on Campus


Justin Hernandez

Ridgeview’s new teacher Dolores Jimenez poses in her classroom.

Emma Briones, Features Editor

      Ridgeview High School is welcoming new staff members that decided to become part of the wolf pack pride this year. With that being said, Steven Wolf and Dolorez Jimenez are two of the new staff members joining the wolf pack. 

         Jimenez started to teach English this year, Jimenez was a substitute teacher and a dance coach before becoming a teacher. She feels that Ridgeview is home since she is a RHS alumni. Jimenez was inspired to be a teacher when she taught a dance team and observed the relationship between her and her students, it was too hard to deny that she wasn’t meant to work with students. It was a wholesome experience to have that relationship with her students and be the type of guidance they needed. Being a new teacher has been hard, but the classroom management and the students all make it worth it. “When I was younger I had a lot of teachers help me and mold me into who I am today and I am having a full circle moment and I want to repay the same exact thing they did for me for my students.” Jimenez enjoys carrying relationships with her students, one of the best parts of teaching to her is getting to learn from her students and knowing her students are learning from her.           

          Not everyone knows what they want to do or who they want to become, Wolf teaches English 12 and an English Language Development class. Wolf had some thoughts on becoming a teacher, but decided not to move forward with that decision and he ended up working in an office for a year. “After working for a year in an office and sitting at a desk for forty hours a week looking at a computer screen I thought it sucked and I told myself I wanted to try and become a teacher.” Wolf stated, he had been teaching for nine years before he came to Ridgeview. When asked why he decided to work at Ridgeview, Wolf responded with, “My last name is Wolf and the mascot is a wolf” it also turns out he does have a few family members who are also part of the staff working here. Meeting new people and learning from them to become better at what you do  is the best part of being in a new environment for Wolf. Becoming better and more effective so he can have an impact on his students is one of his goals for this year. Although he has a lot of responsibility being a teacher, he hopes that all his senior students can graduate with a B or higher. Wolf also wanted to add, “Teaching is hard and it can be overwhelming but I also focus on the one student that actually learned something today and go home and think about that one student how cool it is that they learned something from me.”

         Welcome to all the new to who are joining the pack this year, and have an awesome first year at Ridgeview!