Pack Clubs Out In Full Force


Isabella Truitt

Jorge Magana and Audrey Martinez recruiting for club rush day.

Moises Valencia, Staff Writer

     Do you want to be a part of the school in a bigger way? Do you have extra time after school? Then would you be interested in joining a club at Ridgeview high School? Club rush is an event held at Ridgeview every year towards the beginning of the school year. The goal is to have as many students as possible join a club during the event.

     There were interviews conducted at Ridgeview Highschool discussing the specifics of Club rush, how to start your own club, and how to join a club. There was one student and one adult interviewed. The people that were interviewed are Graciela Diaz and Mr. Validez. Diaz is a senior and the president of kiwins. When asked “if you had extra time after school would you join a second club?” Diaz answered “definitely, I would probably join the weight lifting club”.

     Diez believes that  there are many benefits of joining a club for example “a lot to put on a college application, it’s really fun, you get to be a part of a family, and there are a lot of benefits when you graduate.” Diez thinks club rush is helpful to students because “you get to be a leader when you’re in a club sometimes, you can make club votes and you could be like an officer there make changes like making fundraisers events and it’s really great for leadership.” Diez originally joined a kiwins because there are benefits when you graduate and if you stay in a club for a certain amount of years you receive a gold cord to wear when you graduate. Also, she wanted to help out the community. Diez has been in kiwin’s since she was a freshman kiwin’s do meetings usually 2-3 times a month.

     If you are thinking of starting a club the most important thing you have to do is find an advisor and at least 5 students that want to join your club. To find an advisor you need to go around campus asking teachers or staff members if they want to advise a club. When asked if there will be any other club rushes, Valadez said “There may be a second club rush in the second semester so sometime in January is our hope”. If you were worried that you missed your chance to join a club don’t be, Validez stated “It is never too late to join a club, Clubs are going on all year long and you can join them. We have a list in the asb office with a QR to show you all the clubs, meeting time, and places.”

     There were thousands of kinds that joined a club during club rush, there were the most clubs out of club rush with 34 clubs in total. When asked if the club rush was a success Mr. Validez stated “It was the most successful club rush we ever had at Ridgeview high school.” The total number of active clubs are at least 36. If you are wondering what the most popular club is Mr. Validez believes that “Currently the cooking club is one of the most popular clubs on campus because kids are dying to know how to cook because kids need to know how to cook to survive.”

     The benefits of joining a club are learning things you would not know in the classroom, meeting people you would not normally meet that have similar interests to you, and  Club rush has been going on for years at Ridgeview but no one knows who started club rush”. When asked what is the point of club rush Validez responded with “Clubs fill that void in the classroom that you have certain things you have to learn, clubs are topics that are interesting or fun for the student.”