The Reality of School Culture

Ashlin Morris, Social Media Editor

Have you ever seen those stereotypical high school movies and when you were little you would always imagine that was what high school would be like? Well if you haven’t school culture is what groups or stereotypes are put on students and sometimes high schools. I can’t say it’s nothing like the movies but it definitely isn’t all what the movies make it out to be. High school does have its clicks, it does have groups of students who all hangout with the same people everyday, and it does have some of the stereotypes. 

From my high school experience so far I can say that it is not what I thought it was going to be whatsoever. One stereotype I always thought was real was that there were the jocks who always hangout with each other and then the cheerleaders. I guess in a way that is still true, but I don’t feel they act as what their stereotype makes them out to be. Their stereotypes make them out to be the popular ones or the mean girls but to me that isn’t realistic at all. Plus popularity isn’t really a big thing at Ridgeview High School, in my opinion I don’t find interest in who is popular and who isn’t. 

Another stereotype is that people have certain groups who they hang out with and that group classifies who they are or how they are known. To me I think that this is true to a certain extent. There are so many people in high school and so many kids who are all so different. Which creates a lot of diversity between the groups and the students in them. Yeah in the movies most of the time the athletes will all hangout together but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to. This is just another way to compare the stereotypes to the groups in the school. 

In addition I think all high schools can have different groups or stereotypes based on the students who attend the high school. But in reality most students don’t pay attention to the stereotypes especially when getting older because that isn’t something that has a great effect on us. I know for myself I come to school everyday to go to my classes, learn and hangout with my friends. I don’t come to school to fit into stereotypes. 

To conclude my thoughts my opinion on school culture and the comparison between stereotypes and groups in our school is that they can be unrealistic and high school is not what the stereotypes make the students or the experience to be.