A Night at the Mardi Gras

A picture of a 2023 formal bid.

Pack News Staff

A picture of a 2023 formal bid.

Audrina Natividad, Editor

Grab your gold beads and your feathered masks! This year’s 2023 formal is being held January 21 at the Batey Gardens in the Kern County Museum. And students are anxious to share their excitement. 

Formal is our second annual dance of the school year. And ASB has been working hard to make everything worth the night. “We’ve had our venue since summer”, Saul Acosta, ASB’s events commissioner said. Acosta describes the venue as being “elegant.” 

Our theme this year is the Mardi Gras Masquerade. ASB took a different approach with picking the theme this year making it a joint effort. “This year it was decided by people putting out their ideas and we all voted,” Jazmine Sanchez, a senior and our ASB publicity commissioner explained.

Just like homecoming this year, the formal will follow the same rules as our previous dance. “You got to come in and got to be prepared to be breathalyzed, searched… if you appear to be under the influence you will not be allowed in,” activities director Jose Valadez reminded. Valadez is hoping permission slips will be passed on to this dance for students who already have them signed. And students who show up late to the dance will not be allowed in after an hour of the dance started. 

For ASB they’re looking forward to many improvements of this year’s formal. “We’re gonna have a lot more room to dance,” Valadez said. With a bigger space and even a new DJ, ASB hopes this will make the night more enjoyable for students. 

With all this work going into the dance, ASB themselves are excited to enjoy a night of fun and excitement. Acosta exclaims, “It’s my senior year and it’s our last formal!”, with students eager to make formal night an extravagant night to remember.