New Year, New Goals

Emma Briones, Editor

 With New Year’s just around the corner, it’s time to start considering new resolutions for the upcoming year. The year 2022 was an eventful one with things going back to normal from COVID. Ridgeview students have grown during the year, have achieved goals, and set new ones for themselves. 

     Growing up involves learning new things, setting and achieving goals, along with developing emotionally and mentally. Elias Amezquita, who is a Junior, believes that this past year has taught him that what goes around comes around. “Treating others the way you want to be treated is the most important lesson I’ve learned so far.” Amezquita is anticipating the start of the a new year because he sees it as an opportunity to start over, and be able to learn new things. Although he has had good years, his preferred year was 2020, “I feel like the year 2020 was the best for me because I felt that doing things from home was more simple, for instance attending online school.” 2021 was the most challenging for Amezquita, due to returning and adjusting back to normal. Growing emotionally is part of growing up, and improving themselves as people have their different ways of doing that. Amezquita claims, “As my relationship with God grew stronger, I got emotionally and mentally stronger. Achieving goals is another part of growing up, Amezquita had a lot of goals he was able to accomplish he claims his biggest accomplishment was starting a new business which he is proud of.

     We are finally getting through the year and for some it has been a long year or a short year, Michael Rodriguez who is also a junior got through the year although it was hard for him. When asked what 2023 would look like for him, he answered, “I hope to accomplish a lot of goals and become a better person .” For Rogrizez 2022 wasn’t his year but 2017 was, according to him the music, the games, the vibe, and everything about it made it his favorite year. To the people who had a rough year Rodriguez would like to add “After a storm comes a rainbow, so keep pushing forward.”