Journalism Day


News Staff

Pack News Staff with their awards on Journalism Day.

Audrina Natividad, Editor

February 24th, 2023 marks another year at Journalism Day for our staff at Pack News. The event, relocating back to Bakersfield College this year, is a day for students in the Kern High District to come and dedicate a day to learning new and innovative ways of the journalism field. 

Head coordinator of Journalism Day and Ridgeview High’s own journalism advisor Kristen Hunter talks of the origins of the event dating back to when she was in high school. Hunter explains how she fell into the role of bringing Journalism Day back five years ago after it was discontinued, “I wanted other kids to be able to experience the same thing I did and see if they wanted it as a career.”

When talking about the actual event Hunter describes it as, “A day where all of the schools that have newspaper programs and broadcast programs get together to learn about the industry.” With different things offered like workshops, speakers from journalistic backgrounds, and our yearly award ceremony. 

One of the speakers from Journalism Day Henry Greenstein with the Bakersfield Californian was happily accepting to speak as one of the local media personnel when asked by  Hunter. Greenstein explains, “I enjoy the opportunity to speak with aspiring journalists about the possibility of a career as a reporter, a career I so greatly enjoy, and to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated during my brief time in the business.” 

Returning to Journalism Day for a second year Greenstein talks about the difference from last year’s event being held at CTEC in a more panel-like format. “This year, Kristen told me that we are returning to Bakersfield College and will give individual presentations. I’m excited to hear more of what my colleagues have to say, and hopefully provide a better overall experience to the students,” Greenstein shares. 

As for students partaking in the day Jaysen Ford, Pack News chief editor explains, “I like to participate in [Journalism Day] because it’s really fun and has a sense of togetherness because everyone interested in the same thing.” Talking of the different opportunities opened to him because of the day like lessons in photography, note-taking from interviews to even improving his story writing. 

Of course, taking those things and putting them into our newspaper. Ford also talks about how the event is an experience for all students even outside of journalism,  “It’s a great opportunity to explore your options, and journalism is a broad field so you can go into a bunch of different things.” From things like communicative skills and being able to translate stories into writing the things learned from journalism can be used in so many intricate ways.

With all the great opportunities and memories Journalism day has brought the event will always be something students at Pack News look forward to. “I bring it back because I’m crazy,” Hunter jokes on why she brings Journalism Day back, “every year I see the schools have fun, I see our own school Ridgeview kind of gets a bond going… and seeing that [helps] make me deal with the headaches that come with it.”  With yet another exciting year the students at Pack News had yet another amazing year partaking in yet another year at Journalism Day. Waiting to see what next year has to bring to the event.