2023 Mardi Gras Masquerade


Christopher Poor

Picture from 2023 formal photo booth.

Ellen Thompson, Staff Writer

This year Ridgeview High school decided to hold its 2023 formal at the Kern County Museum in the Batey Garden. On a Saturday evening, January 21st the formal was held from 7 pm to 10:30 pm. RHS announced the theme for this year’s formal was the Mardi Gras Masquerade.

  Some background information about a mardi gras theme, Mardi Gras masks, in particular, originated in ritual celebrations. New Orleans has been celebrating Mardi Gras for hundreds of years and in North America the biggest masked party. When this first started, masks worn during Mardi Gras allowed wearers to escape society and class constraints. Meaning the mask helped introverts to bring themselves out into the world without being known. Or even their insecurities about being seen by others. Also, wearing masks helped to keep their identity private. 

Senior Saul Acosta, also known as your Ridgeview High ASB Events Commissioner gave us some feedback on his thoughts about this year’s formal. Saul mentions in his interview that even though this was his first and last year of attending high school winter formal he did very much enjoy it. He emphasizes that this Mardi Gras embraces letting loose and RHS hits that off by matching the theme and music perfectly. His outfit did go with the theme with his green bell bottoms and mask.  He did choose to attend with his friends. He expresses, “Yes, it was a hit!” For what the RHS school dances have to offer Saul believes that the ticket pricing was very reasonable. Adding that ticket sales did start off with the offering of inexpensive tickets. As they increased over the weeks all the way to the opening of the doors at formal. 

Anicia Carrillo, also a senior at Ridgeview High School, gave us her thoughts and her experiences with the formal. Anicia expresses to us that this being her first and last time experiencing formal it was her best one yet. In her opinion, this year’s theme was very unique and she loved it. She also chose to attend a formal with her boyfriend. Anicia says, “I had lots of fun. There were a lot of activities to do besides dancing and the venue was very beautiful.” For all the hard work ASB puts into the RHS dances or events, Ancicia agrees that the ticketing pricing for the dances was reasonable. And that no changes should be made to the pricing. Her favorite part was the 360 cameras. And if she had another year of high school she would definitely be attending formal again. 

When it came time for voting for royalty, the decision was not an easy one. There were a handful of runners this year, so there was plenty to choose from. There was a window opening and plenty of time to give everyone a chance to vote for who they believed best fit for formal royalty. And so with that said your 2023 formal royalty winners were Ivan Tran for King and Vallorie Andrade for Queen. Formal Prince and Princess were awarded to Ivan Correa and Komal Kaur. Jameson Powell and Mia Franco were crowned formal duke and duchess. Formal Lord and Lady were handed to Amari Amey and Desarie Castillo. Congratulations to all runners and winners. Let’s see what our school has in store for our next dance!