Class of 2027 Freshman Orientation

Kiara Ramos, Staff Writer

Every year Ridgeview hosts a freshman orientation. The Ridgeview ASB always helps set up for these types of events. The whole point of freshman orientation is so each class of freshmen that come in knows what they’re expecting once they enter high school. What they can sign up for if they’re interested in anything particular. Maybe even start their own club!

Saul Acosta who has been a part of ASB since his freshman year states that he thinks these incoming freshmen will like Ridgeview and for those who join ASB see it the way he does and did. Acosta says “I’m in ASB, that’s been my thing for all four years and I did it my freshman year so I really hope they see ASB the way I saw it.” When there are events they kind of get it envisioned how they like, especially when they are seniors involved in more events while being in ASB. He is very confident and says that this year’s freshmen orientation will definitely be a success! 

Activities Director, Jose Valadez, who is the one that takes control of everything in ASB thinks that the zoomers are going to be ready to join high school since they had two full years of junior high under themselves. This year Valadez wants to do a Pack Preview like how Ridgeview had the homecoming carnival but still, a choice has yet to be made. Valadez states, “It’s that excitement of a lot of parents, you get a lot of those parents that have their very first kid going off the high school so it’s cute to see mom and dad and all the little brothers and sisters coming through with the incoming freshmen.” Just seeing the look of joy on their faces because their kids are growing up. Another thing he states is how many kids think high school is this life where everything is big, mean, and stereotyped but in reality, it’s just an average school just with a lot more students. 

Typically during freshman orientations, the ones attending are the football team, cheerleading team, ASB, band, baseball, and many more sports and many more clubs. Anyone and everyone are open to signing up and trying out for anything. But the one leading the event is usually a bit of every group out there. To get ready for the event ASB sets up the canopies, tables, posters, and all the materials they normally would need. There is a probable show up at junior highs to go support Ridgeview High School and maybe even take Wolfie and Packtricia! This is what Ridgeview has planned for this year’s freshman orientation!