Sprinting Their Way To The Top

Diana Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Ridgeviews’ Track and Field is ready to give this season its all. They have been preparing for this season for a few months. In their league this year the biggest competition will be BHS and Independence and outside of the league is Liberty. February 28 will kick start their season. 

This year is Coach Hobson’s fifth year coaching Track and Field here at Ridgeview. When asked about his coaching he described it as, “I try to make sure they have a good time, but I also make sure that they work really hard.” Hobson really prides himself in making sure he has a great connection with his athletes. 

One of those athletes is returner Anthony Rios, who is a senior this year. When asked about who his biggest motivator was he said, Hobson. Rios runs the 400-and 200-meter. “The hardest part about track is practicing, but the easiest part is the meets,” stated Rios. After high school, Rios plans on continuing his track and field career. 

Another returner is senior Anicia Carrillo. She originally started track and field to help condition for cross country. The hardest part about the track for her is having a good mentality. When asked about her biggest motivators and inspirations she responded, “My past teammates and Olympians are a great inspiration because of their hard work and dedication.” Carrillo hopes on continuing her career after high school at CSUB.

Taivon James, 4×1-meter relay senior, has been doing track and field for about a year. He is in the long jump, triple jump, and 100 meters. When asked about the hardest and easiest part he said, “The hardest part is constantly running and the easiest part is out jumping people.” James plans on continuing track and field after high school. 

Myli Level is a senior this year who is in the shot put. “Showing up and getting out there can be difficult sometimes,” said Level after being asked about what the hardest part about track and field was. The easiest part for her is just throwing because it helps her take away her stress. Level plans on continuing throwing after high school.