April Fools Day

Moises Valencia, Staff Writer

Do you prank people often? How did April fools day start? Who do you prank? April fools day is on the first day of April every year, this date does not change. This year April first lands on Saturday. The insect origins of April fools day are unclear. The steps in participating in April fools day are; waiting for the first of April, playing a practical joke on your friend or family member, then yelling out “April Fools” this will make the victim look foolish and the viewers will laugh with enjoyment.

Two students were interviewed about their thoughts of April fools day, the first student was Adrian Santiago who is a sophomore that celebrates April fools day. The best prank Santiago has done is when he was 13 years-old he had an Oreo with the cream removed, then replaced the filling with white toothpaste. When asked “When does a prank go too far” Santiago’s response was, “I believe it is when someone is scared or when that person does not feel safe.” Santiago does not know the origins of April fools day, he does know that it has been going on for years. Santiago mentioned he will not be doing any pranks on April fools day.  Santiago’s worst prank that happened to him was when his cousins threw tortillas and shaving cream at him after he got out of the shower. Santiago thinks that pranks should be done more by friends than family. Santiago is not gullible to pranks; he mentioned that he “thinks things before he acts.” When asked “Are pranks only for kids?” Santiago’s response was, “It depends on what pranks you are doing and how old you are.” He thinks that if the pranks are immature then it should be only for kids.


 Fabian Barraza is also a sophomore that celebrates April fools day. Barraza’s best prank he had done was when he covered a pickle in chocolate, sprinkles, and a stick on it to give to his sister. Barraza thinks that a prank goes too far when it is dangerous to someone’s health. Barraza as well does not know where April fools day came from however he does know that it is a tradition. Barraza mentioned he “Will be participating” this year but does not want to say what he will be doing and to whom. The worst prank that happened to Barraza was sleeping when his sister threw a bucket of ice water on him. Baraza stated that more often he pranks family over friends, Barraza is gullible to pranks because he is “A trusting person.” When asked “Are pranks only for kids?” Barraza thinks that April fools pranks should stop when you reach 13 and up.

To summarize April fools day is on the first and lands on a Saturday. The origins of April fools day is unclear, this means that the original version of the holiday could have been completely different then what it is now. Besides that most believe that pranks should and can be enjoyed by adults and children every year on the first.