Is Creed Realistic?

Justin Hernandez, Photo Editor

Boxing is a sport people can enjoy anywhere the event that has the crowd on their feet with anticipation, two warriors going head to head brawling to be victorious, the sport dates back to as early as the 3rd millennium BC in the Olympics. Many movies show great depictions of boxing and how hard the physical training or the mental training a real boxer has to go through, from the classic “Rocky” movies to the brawl stars from “Southpaw”, and now the new generation of boxing “Creed”. 

Adonis Creed the famous son of Apollo Creed the former Heavyweight Champion of the world, who’s made his way from the streets of Los Angeles growing up in abusive foster care homes to being locked up in detention centers. Creed tells the amazing story of his rise to the boxing world filled with intense training scenes, romance, drama, and a bit of humor, but is it realistic? I grew up watching boxing with my brother and even training with him, though I never qualified as a mature I spent my time in the ring growing up and it showed me discipline and changed me mentally.

The thing I love about Creed that I found to be realistic is the intense training scenarios that boxers put themselves through from the intense running to the constant knuckle blisters from hitting the bag, and how they hype each other up and encourage each other that they can be victorious makes me feel like I can do it myself. I’ve seen a lot of it growing up with my brother “Eric Hernandez ”, and local Bakersfield boxer “Joel Iriate ”. The training is pretty realistic and I would consider it a ten out of ten performance by Michael B. Jordan.

When it comes down to the main event in Creed it was intense like a big boxing event should be. I have never seen anything like it before, the perfection in every block, jab, or hook. It amazes me how these actors can perform looking like real boxers, but the only problem I have with the fighting scenes is it is not as realistic as how a real boxing match would look. Everything looks clean and perfect, but that’s how your mind makes you think you’re fighting, but when you see an actual boxer fight they can throw sloppy punches, get tired real fast, or have a sloppy defense.

One more thing I found to be realistic to boxing is in Creed 3 Adonis blocks everyone out and can only see the person standing in front of him during the main event. I used to get into the habit of only hearing my brother guide me while I sparred and blocked out everyone else and all the background noise that would distract me.

Though there is a lot of realism to Creed and actual boxing there are some minor things that they should consider in the future trilogy, but all in all, I believe that Creed is the best depiction of real-life boxing and I would give the entire series a ten out of ten for the enjoyment it has given me growing up.