Ridgeview’s Top of The Class


Justin Hernandez

Ridgeview High School Valedictorians Mark Andrew Paat, Ivan Tran, Angela Williams, and Emanuel Mendoza posing in their cap and gowns.

Mylie Navarrete, Staff Writer

   The school year is nearing its end and seniors are getting ready for their next big step. Seniors Angela Williams, Ivan Tran, Emanuel Mendoza, Jasmine Contreas, Kurt Miguel Mondoza, Mark Andrew Paat, and Alexi Salienas have worked hard all four years of High School and now have the honor to be named top of their class. 

          To exceed in school setting personal goals is step one, “For as long as I could remember I’ve always wanted to be the best,” said Williams about the goal that allegedly got her to where she is today. Maintaining excellent grades and making time for a social life can be stressful, Williams managed just fine and advised to, “Learn how your classes work, then you could work around balancing having fun and good grades.” Managing schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and sports is a huge workload for everyone, even Williams who wanted to get all straight A’s but got a B her freshman year participated in Volleyball and many extracurricular activities throughout her years at Ridgeview.

       Tran admitted he had difficulty having a social life and managing his schoolwork. “I really wish someone told me that I had to work, between having fun and balancing my work”, said Tran when asked what advice he wished he had known early on. Tran has always strived in school and just like Williams and Mendoza exceeds most in math. Support is very important when wanting to strive in school. “My family,” said Mendoza are his biggest supporters and who he wishes to make most proud. These three apart of Top Of The Class students, have their support either from their parents, friends, family, or counselors and set personal goals to be the best and do the best they can. 

      All students are different, either if it’s learning techniques or focus. “Not being lazy and keeping up with work was difficult,” said Mendoza. Not only did these students have the honor to have the “Top of the class” title, they also will be attending amazing colleges. Williams will be attending Stanford, Tran will go to USC, and Mendoza is planning on going to Cal Poly. The three students are very excited to graduate. “I know that the world has so much to offer, and I can’t wait to see,” said Tran. Congratulations to the class of 2023.