“Wolfpack Radio” Takes Over the Last Rally of the Year


Bailei Waldrop dressed as Katy Perry for the lip sync battle.

Isabel Aceves, Staff Writer

After tons of planning and playlist making, our ASB students have finally shown out with this year’s lip sync battle which was on April 13th.

Senior, Saul Acosta is one of the many ASB students who contributed to this event. Acosta described this event as, “A way to close the year since this is our last rally of the year.” He also states that this event was, “A way to bring students together.” The purpose of this event essentially was to bring back that homecoming vibe with music and dancing and performing. 

Acosta explains that the theme for this year was “Wolfpack Radio” and students this year were able to choose what genre of music they would like to hear. This was a really good choice because this allowed our freshman class, juniors and seniors to each choose their genre of music they would like to do and it allowed students to have creative liberty in this event, Acosta said. 

Our freshman students chose R&B hits, sophomores chose Superbowl hits, juniors chose the greatest hits of all time and finally, seniors top pick was throwback hits. A few songs that were included were Rude Boy, Boys A Liar and many more.

 There are definitely some differences to the event this year compared to last year. Acosta supports that by stating, “The production of it all was different. We tried to build the energy up, so we are decided to bring out stages, video screens, vendors and just more to offer in terms of entertainment.” 

The winners of last year’s lip sync battle were the senior class and Acosta had his bets on either the juniors or sophomores for this year’s grand winner. However, this year’s winner were the seniors. He also states, “For this year we decided to have an actual trophy for the winner, and we were really excited to be giving that out as a prize.” 

Acosta states that, “This event was made even before we were here, and it was an idea that came to life and kept going for years.” He explains that “This event showed school spirit by spending time rehearsing for these dances and performances because we spent a lot of time on them.” Lastly, he described his favorite part about creating this event which was, “Seeing my friends having fun and coming up with dances together, then seeing it all happen on that day is just really enjoyable.”

One student who participated in the lip sync battle was Kameron Manasan and she described the event as, “Really fun, it was put together a little late, but I think everyone performed very well.” Manasan explains that she participated because her friends were doing it and she thought it would be a fun experience. Out of every artist that was played, her favorites were SZA, Ariana Grande, and Rihanna. Manasan’s overall favorite part about the whole event was the performing and she plans to attend next year’s lip sync battle as well.