The Shootings in America

Karla Velez, Staff Writer

In the past year, many shootings have been affecting everyday American lives as more and more violence erupts across the country. Many of these shootings occur in the least expected places, like Walmart stores and schools; places that should be considered safe. The trend has kept advancing over the last few months as shootings threats have been posted on social media. While the authorities take care of those threats, it is impossible to forget the deaths that happened August 3rd in Texas, and in New York on July 1st.

In the Texas attack, a gunman named Patrick Crusius killed 22 and injured 24 people at 10:40 am. Like most small towns, El Paso could be seen to be the least expected of being a victim of shooting massacres. After the shooting, the 21-year-old shooter identified himself as the suspect and surrendered to the Texas Rangers. The authorities suspect that the anti-Hispanic and anti-immigrant manifesto found on social media could be linked to the shooter and his actions. The manifesto discussed a few points on Hispanics taking control, and also criticizes the strict gun control laws in different countries.

“The issue is multifaceted and there is no one perfect solution,” says Science Teacher, Kyle Webster, “but countries that have enacted more regulation of firearms and improved mental healthcare have been able to dramatically decrease their gun violence deaths.”

With this in mind, similar opinions on gun control throughout the U.S. have developed after unfortunate events like these. Senior Karime Romo argues, “I believe that certain people can have them because we need guns to protect us from animals attacking us, and we shouldn’t have to use [guns] on the people when we could just make peace.”

Safety could be seen as an important aspect of being part of a shooting; especially for the much younger people who tend to have much difficulty finding safety at such a hectic moment like in Bronx School, New York. It was a Monday at 10:20 p.m. when a 13-year-old boy was shot in the chest inside the school playground. According to officers, the boy was found a block away from where the scene had occurred. While the boy was taken care of with a stable condition, the shooter had left before anyone seeing him. The suspect still remains unclear and the reasons for his actions against this boy, but NYPD reassures that the shooting is still under investigation.  

 For these kind of incidents, every school develops a system of procedures that need to be done in order to maintain the safety of children and teens. This is known as the Run, Hide, and Fight Protocol. This is taught to people, young and old, to know what to do in the event of an active shooter. According to Webster, “run, hide, and fight is the new protocol for an active shooter situation. Luckily, in a science classroom we have lots of things to throw at someone if we needed to. I remind my students of this when things come up.” 

Yet, more and more news keeps appearing every day and unsettles some people on their safety. While others still feel safe on campus, some doubt on whether or not safety is number one priority in their community after these Walmart and school incidents. 

“It is making people feel unsafe in their location of living. Many years ago there wasn’t so much shootings or break in’s, people would leave their doors unlocked because of the calm neighborhood and even children felt safe to go outside and play. Now everyone lives in fear just to go get the mail,” says Romo. 

Texas and New York are one of the many victims that have gone through shootings. With the hearing of these unfortunate events and the counts of deaths that gunmen create, stir different views on the safety citizens truly have. While authorities try their best to take care of these situations, it leaves the people of Bakersfield in surprise and even doubt of their community; letting fear and anger, in a way, take over their lives. One thing is certain, these shootings will always be a part of the darkness that covers our country, but perhaps these number of deaths in shootings and its threats being done around us can decrease if there were some sort of gun control. 

“Knowing how the world is right now, I think stuff like this will always be out there in the world because there is always that one crazy person who creates something and it affects what is around you,” says Romo.